Monday, November 30, 2009

Cactus Monday (#60) from Shanghai

Walking from 1221, a wonderful Shanghainese restaurant, to my hotel I passed this neighbourhood with a real Chinese atmosphere.
I have done this stroll before and it is always interesting.
So much to see.
A Chinese couple walking in front of me took their newly bought shoes from their boxes and threw the boxes and bags on the pavement and kicked it aside. Left all their garbage there and moved on. I was amazed.
In my country I would have tapped them on the shoulder to bring their attention to what they had forgotten ................
But I just stared in disbelief.
And yes............!!!!!
On my walk I found my cacti for Cactus Monday!
Artificially coloured.
Yes, anything is possible here.
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Wow..what a difference culturally! Or do you think it was an isolated incident???

    Pretty little cactus garden!!! I will get back to CM as soon as I feel better.

    How do you keep from getting sick, travelling all over the world? Any secret tricks???

  2. What cute little cacti in such whimsical pots. I can't believe those people just threw their trash on the ground like that. I would have been appalled.

  3. I can't even imagine dropping garbage in the streets, but can imagine that it is someone's job to clean it up. What a way to keep the billions of people working! Were the streets dirty or clean? so interesting. Glad you are home in one piece.

  4. what fun. hcm to you fellow cactuteer and thanks so much for buying one of my paintings too. wfs.

  5. Hi Julie!
    You just take care of yourself first!
    I must say that I stay quite healthy........guess I am a strong lady. I don't eat very healthy but I take vitamins and always see to it to get my rest. I don't allow myself to get overtired!

    Julie take care eat healthy rest well and do fun things;
    A day has 1440 minutes you should at least spend 40 minutes on yourself!

    Yes Mim,

    Maybe they are so used that people sweep after them ...... everywhere you see this old ladies with brooms and yes everyone has to stay at work of course, but ever since I was a kid I didn't like people trowing garbage on the streets. Still don't like it at all!

    My overall impression is not a clean one of Shanghai...... They was such fog and I know it is mixed with polution. I walked back in that street and thought I had landed in a SF movie, as if the sun has died and the end of the world was near...........
    But I have a very lively imagination I guess.

    Once again HCM!

  6. Hee lekker gegeten en Wat?
    Leuk je even gezien te hebben met je Mum.
    Groetjes Mar

  7. HCM.
    How sad it is that people have such disrepect for themselves and their enviornment. Sad and tragic.
    I'd have wanted to put the boxes on their heads!!!!!
    And the silly artificial cacti speak of some one having too much time on their hands maybe.

  8. Totally fascinating...You must really see it "all"! Thanks for bringing a bit of Chinese culture to our Cactus Monday fun! :)HCM! :)

  9. How interesting Marianne. Super cactus photos. Like everyone, I was horrified about that couple throwing their litter on the street. How awful.

  10. Oh my, what a shame. That one photo of the street does look a little shabby. How unfortunate. Your darling little cacti are so cute, though. Happy Cactus Monday to you!

  11. This is great and I never see anything so cute and colourful cactus like this before.
    Rainbow cactus!
    Please enjoy your stroll and ignore that very incident!

    Happy cactus Monday Marianne:)

  12. what a glimpse, marianne. once i was in germany and i dropped a kleenex on the sidewalk by mistake and a man followed me and insisted i walk back to pick it up. one extreme to another.

    you travel to so many interesting places. how much of the world you know about. and then you draw these magical mandalas.


  13. Hi Marianne!!! what a wonderful trip!!! I love that you share all these photos and experiences with us!!!!


  14. Thankyou, Marianne!!! I can see I need to make some changes! I am too stressed out! Saturday I am going to a Chrstmas craft bazaar and lunch with a friend, which has already made me feel better just thinking about it! I think this is what just suddenly disappeared in my life, was time for ME!!! I am missing that! THANKS SO MUCH!!!


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