Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Colors for Caroline

What better subject than colors?!
With 9 Artysoulsisters it wasn't difficult to think about what to create.
# 9!
In my mandalas I (nearly) always use rainbow colors for number 9.
Of course the rainbow only has 7 colors.
1= red
2= orange
3= yellow
4= green
5= heavenly blue
6= indigo
7= purple
When making numerologic mandalas I use violet (red violet) for number 8 and pink (magenta) for number 9
They form the perfect rainbow of colors for me and all their traits, which I wrote on the edge for binding.
Both sides form a reversible painting when you should take the edge away.
The back side is an acrylic painting in a passe partout, an abtract painting of a colored sky.
It was wonderful to admire all the pages in real!
Hope you like my addition Caroline!
Want to see all the pages?


  1. Wow Marianne, this one is especially appealing to me with its bright and happy colors!! Just georgeous!

  2. i love it and so will she. it is spectacular, and your page for katie is fantastic too.

  3. oh so beautiful Marianne!!! I loveeeeeeee your colours....and your wonderful art...it really feeds the soul!!!

    Wishing you the most wonderful last few days of 2009!!! and I look forward to our wonderful friendship in 2010!!!

    Bless you and your wonderful family!!!!


  4. This is beautiful! But then all your paintings are beautiful. I love the colors of your paints. The hues and values are always so rich and vibrant. I think I am too timid with paint as my watercolors always come out pastel and washed-out looking. I must get more bold.

  5. hi marianne!
    oh it is just beautiful!
    happy happy new year my friend!
    m & e

  6. Yep, love those colors. I want to see alllll the pages.

  7. Spectacular artwork...As always...:)

  8. Marianne - How wonderful!! I'm totally over the moon with these!! You are a master of colour, that's for sure and I just can't wait to get these home to inspect them! I had a little peek at them whilst in Australia but had no time then to comment. Back home today and I've been able to enlarge and delight in them - - gorgeous! And they have Marianne written all over them! I'll treasure these - thank you!


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