Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Animal Wednesday / Little swans

 I took these pictures last week but forgot to post them for AW
We have a family of swans living in the moat next to our house.
 Felix and the dogs are waiting at a safe distance
 Here you can see how close they are near the road. 
They are there every day . The road separates the moat in two.
Aren't they just  cute? And aren't swans magical?

I know I have been very quiet lately. I have been so busy ever since last week. Have been to Dar Es Salaam .
After my return we went to a birthday party.
At this location.
Monday I started redecorating Felix' room.
This is the process so far after 2 days work
Felix want his sun and clouds to be painted over. A new school a new room.....

Meanwhile a tree in my garden was taken down and I had to pack for Lars who leaves today for a 3 week trip to Denmark and Sweden. 
My boys are getting big....... :)

So I have been busy.
today I will take a break. I will play tennis and take a nap this afternoon.
Tonight I will have to drive 3 hours to bring Lars to Valkenswaard where he will join the scouts for the world Jamboree. They will travel by bus to Denmark.

Hope everyone is doing fine. And in between all things I have to do I will try to visit your blogs, but I know already I will be busy all summer................... and not with making art or mandalas. After Felix' room we will start a small renovation in the house we will get a new shed (that's why the tree was taken down).

Happy Animal Wednesday♥


  1. Hi Marianne, Yes, everyone is busy this summer so don't feel bad.
    The swans are beautiful. How lovely to have a family of them nearby.
    Happy redecorating! Mine is waiting until Fall.

  2. it is a very busy summer for everyone but it's nice to see you and see what you have been up to. Felix is getting older and wants his sun and cloud painted over - how wonderful and sad at the same time. Sometimes don't you just wish they would stay as little boys?
    Anyway - Happy Animal wednesday - and enjoy your tennis!

  3. Beautiful Swans and their Cygnets! Yes, they are magical indeed!

    Ah, you can tell Felix is growing up.... that Sun and Clouds on his bedroom ceilng was so like the "Young Felix"....but now, he is older and is leaving that phase are a great Mum to have his room repainted....


    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Those swans are beautiful! I am super busy this summer, too. It's good to step back from the old computer and just enjoy the season. It will be winter soon enough and we can all catch up. ;) Have fun and enjoy that nap! xox Pam

  5. I think we are all feeling the business of life. We pack so much into the summer months and then rest in the winter. The swans are so pretty! I love swans too.

  6. The swans are beautiful. Happy AW. What fun getting to remodel. Your boys are growing up Marianne. It is fun watching from afar. Enjoy your summer. So much is going on for everyone. Take care.

  7. love seeing the baby swans. unusual. for me anyway. have fun with all your busyness.

  8. I have never ever seen baby swans before. How totally adorable. you are so fortunate to see them grow so close by.

    Everyone is having such a busy summer, just relax and enjoy for winter will keep you at home.

    Kind of sad when you realize how the kids grow up.


  9. i love those swans! I saw a mother and her babies on my walk but I didn't have my camera. That night there were fireworks and the next day I only saw the mother :(
    Hopefully the babies were hiding in the marsh grass.

    Felix is getting so big! I won't send any more silly toys :)
    Pretty soon he'll be dating!! I might be a little jealous ;)

    I haven't been on the blogs much either. Too much to do while the nice weather is here.

    I'll answer your email soon. The pictures didn't upload. I'll try again.

    By now you're driving lars. I hope he has a wonderful time away!


  10. Mooi he, van die gezinnetjes zwanen - maar niet te dichtbij komen!! Vooral papa kan dan erg beschermend zijn.

    Het is toch alleen maar goed dat je het druk hebt, beter dan achter de geraniums je zitten te vervelen ;)

    Sterkte met het 'verlaten van het nest' van één van de jongens (al is het maar voor een vakantie van 3 weken).


  11. Swans are magical and what a family you have there, lucky you.
    Be sure and take time to enjoy the Summer, don't work too hard.

  12. What lovely swans. How lucky to have them so close to you. Summer is a busy time for everyone. Hope you get it all done.

  13. Those swans are magical and majestic - the parents look so proud. I counted six heads in the first photo of them...I hope they won't get hurt so close to the road? But it does not look like a street where people would speed live in a nice neighborhood and your son and the dogs are adorable!

    Enjoy your summer, no matter how busy you get. Remember to take time to smell the roses ;-)

    Take care,
    Doris (and Gizzy)

  14. hello friend, i am enamored with those baby swans. what a family! i wonder if swans mate for life like geese do?

    you are a good mother tackling felix's room. what color, marianne?

    these days i am thinking about how precious our children and our time is. my jess turned 34 this week. i can't believe it. and now i have children all over again.

    your felix is as wonderful a person as anyone could be. i miss him still.


  15. Swans are very memorable for me. I once gave a cross stitch of two kissing swans to my ex boyfriend. Your swan photos make me to remember him. We just brake up 3 months ago and I can still feel the pain of losing him. I love him so much. I just hope that wherever he is right now, he will be safe and happy.

    Lisa from video-guitar-lessons-personal-teacher

  16. What great photos! And yes the swan family is just beautiful. What a treat to have them nearby.


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