Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sweden /Zweden

Yesterday I returned from my trip to Sweden. We celebrated Anna's birthday with a Smörgåstorta. Rikard had invited family and friends so there was a celebration and Anna liked it after all. It was nice to see my family and friends again. My father spent time with his brother and had a wonderful time as well. Gisteren ben ik terug gekomen van mijn reis naar Zweden. We hebben Anna's verjaardag gevierd met een Smörgåstorta. Rikard had (toch) familie en vrienden uitgenodigd, dus Anna heeft toch haar verjaardag gevierd en volgens mij vond ze het stiekem toch wel leuk. Het was leuk om familie en vrienden weer te zien. Mijn vader heeft een paar fijne dagen met zijn broer gehad en heeft het ook erg fijn gehad. Both Anna and I experienced this photo as touching. "Big brother helping little brother down the stairs". Anna en ik vonden deze foto erg ontroerend. "Grote broer helpt kleine de trap af". These are Anna's boys, Tim and Anton. Dit zijn Anna's jongens, Tim en Anton. Brothers and "sisters" Broers en "zussen" Links: Smörgåstorta


  1. welkom terug. wat n wonderlike paar dae jy en jou familie het saam gebring met die verjaarsdag ook. dankie vir die wonderlike fotos en ek is so bly dat jy gegaan het. familie is alles!

  2. marianne my liew vriendin, baie dankie vir jou warmhartige woorde dat jy op my blog geskryf het. ek het n bietje gesukkel met die duits en moes n 'translator' gebryk on baie van doe woorde to verstaan. jy het nou n wonderlike vriendin geword and ek is so bly dat ons ontmoet het.
    change to english:
    thanks so much for all your kind words, they really touched me a lot.
    having suffered with an eating dosorder for so long and always felt so alone, it is heartening to know that someone else has experienced this too. so i am sending her and you 1000 wfs each with lotsa hugs thrown in as well.
    so glad you enjoyed your time in sweden and i do like the new photo of you on your blog.liefs

  3. Hello. You have a most interesting blog. I like mandalas and although I am not especially religious I have always felt that the answers one is seeking can be found within, if only one will be quiet enough to listen. You seem well traveled and your blog is a pleasure to read. P.S. I too love Sting.

  4. a beautiful post. How lovely for the two brothers to be together. It is a sweet photo of them going down the stairs together. And you two "sisters" are so lovely too, smiling so beautifully. The food platter is amazing. Love the Swedish flags throughout. Although maybe they aren't Swedish?

    Interesting the way you presented the last photo, elongated. You are way more advanced that I with using computers and programs.

    glad your trip was a good one. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for your comments on my blog. The photos is Norway, a town called Roros. Britt-anhild is from Norway but she travels a lot like you do and posts lovely pictures of her travels. PS I too like your new thumbnail that comes with your comments.

  5. Lovely family you have! Beautiful pictures!

  6. Dear "sister"
    When you left it felt so lonley! Its always so wonderful to see you.You did my birhday to a day that I always will remember. I am so proud to be on your blog. We keep in touch, lots of love from sis Anna

  7. that food is so beautiful and wonderfully presented - I love letting art seep into all aspects of our lives. thanks for sharing this!

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