Friday, December 18, 2009

Up Up and Away........

Lyrics The Fifth Dimension - Up, Up And Away lyrics I returned from Bangkok where I had a wonderful week with my cousin Anna from Sweden. Directly I landed in a full program here....... Dinner the same night with friends. Yesterday I went to Rotterdam, to do some shopping and visit my Mom. In the afternoon I made Swedish meatballs and creme caramel with Felix for his school X-mas buffet. Later we went to his school to listen to the children singing. Went to bed early.............. Now at 08.00 my SIL will collect me and we will drive (in the snow!!!!) to Lille in France and will return tomorrow. I took a look at all your blogs , saw some wonderful things!!! Among the pages Caroline did for Sjimmie's book! They are awesome! Sorry I can't comment on everything just now. But I promise I will next week, then I will also look at everything I have been missing......... Miss you all! Have a wonderful day where ever you are ...................

♥♥♥ >M<


  1. What a wonderful time it seems you are having and busy! You have been creating some lovely art!

  2. i am happy for you. you are having fun!

    marianne, the mandala arrived today and took my breath away. i can;t wait to have it framed.

    welcome back. and happy holidays!


  3. missing you but so happy you are having so much fun.

  4. I've missed you!!

    KJ and Mim came to my studio and they were speechless over your mandalas ;)
    I wish you could have been there!

    Drive carefully in the snow. See you when you return!


  5. Sounds like a wonderful time.
    Happy holidays Marianne.

  6. oh what wonderful adventures you are having marianne!

    happy happy holidays to yo and yours!

    melissa and emmitt

  7. Good to hear you are busy and having a good time. Cheers.

  8. wow! busy lady - it's that time of year! LOVE the mandala I got - woweee!

  9. You go girl!!! I am so happy for you having all of this fun! Be careful driving int he snow. See ya soon!

  10. Yes I would like to have a ride with you in January,February our March ;-)))
    Still didn't looked in the gifts but it is hard I'm curious.....
    Hope you had a wonderful time in France,but next time a little bit more south with me.
    Big hug ,Marja

  11. Welcome back and I hope you will share some of your Bangkong adventur.


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