Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend :)

(made this mandala for Cris to accompany my little painting she won)

My week went different than planned.............
Tuesday I went to Rotterdam for a stand by period of 5 days. On my way I drove to Delft to bring Lars his books (which arrived late).
I spent day 1 at my brothers home and in the afternoon we were called that my Mom had fallen and taken to hospital. 
She broke her hip and had to be operated. After surgery she had a delirium. Poor Mom and we (my 2 brothers and I ) were quite upset by this.
But yesterday she was doing better. She already walked a few steps with a walker! After visiting her I went home to see how my DH was doing . He has developed a pneumonia :( Hope his medicines will kick in soon.
So now my employer (the best) changed my schedule and Monday I will fly to Dar Es Sallaam for a short trip.
Today I will drive to Rotterdam to collect a laptop for Felix and my son Lars from the train station. I am happy to be home for 2 days. I am very tired by this roller coaster of emotions this week...................

Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. goodness marianne, that is alot. i hope you get some rest over the next two days, and your dh and mother heal quickly. take good care dear.
    and the mandala is SO pretty, i forgot to tell you i love that you called the blanket i knit a mandala. :)

  2. this mandala is precious, marianne. it's as thought the heart is pulsating the energy of love into the universe.

    i very much hope your weekend and week ahead is better. that is encouraging news about your Mother. it sounds like the break is not so bad? i hope not.

    i think a spa weekend with best girlfriends would be in order very soon. what does marja think about that? :^)


    1. The break was easy to repair according to the surgeon , they just needed 3 screws.
      Marja left for France yesterday :( She will stop in Germany for a family reunion for Baron.
      I will see her end of the month.

  3. Oh Marianne how scary for your Mom and you. So glad she is doing better. Also I hope your DH will be right as rain soon. To much to endure with Son going away to school too. Love the mandala!! Thank you so much for doing it for me along with the Painting I won. I will treasure them both forever.

    1. Thanks Cris!
      Yes DH is doing a little better He is taking antibiotics and more inhalers.

  4. Oh Marianne. How awful for you and how scary for your mother. I do hope she is feeling better and will mend quickly. Take care and rest up. You are on the move a lot!
    Lovely mandala.

    1. Yes I am lately...... Today is already my last day home . Have to pack again for tomorrow as I will be leaving early....

  5. Oh, Marianne....i am so sorry to hear about your moms bad fortune....hope she keeps up her healing and does super well. Hope your poor husband is getting over the pneumonia as well. This has been a rough time, for sure. Hope your son is happy at college.
    My love and thoughts are with you all. Hang tight.

    1. Thanks Julie!
      Both are recovering TG.
      My son is happy and that is reassuring:)
      He is exhausted after all the new experiences and partying!

  6. Oh Marianne, you have had way more of your share of stressful situations. I hope your mom is on the mend and your dear husband will heal quickly too.

    The mandala for Cris is exquisite! You are such an artist and you impress me time and time again!

    I hope you get some rest before you have to travel again. Hugs from me. xoxo

  7. Dear M~

    This has been a whirlwind YEAR for you so far :(

    I'm glad your mom has come through the surgery okay. And DH is home with all the right medications, and you for 2 more days! That's good :)

    Lars is adjusting very well...super news!

    I hope you get rest in these 2 days. How wonderful your boss adjusted your schedule!

    Sending love....


    Oh, I love this mandala!! It's very delicate, like lace!

  8. Oh my goodness Marianne, that is a lot of handle. HOpe all is going well now with everyone on the mend.

    Love Cris' mandala. so beautiful.

  9. Well, bad things come in threes so you have had your share. I hope your mom and DH are doing better - amazing what they can do with medications and with physical therapy. my dad always reacted poorly to anesthesia and had all kinds of hallucinations after surgery - it was so disconcerting.
    Thinking of you....stay strong.


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