Monday, September 3, 2012

A Special Day

Felix 03-09-1998

Today is a special day for both of my sons.
Felix turned  14  and Lars is starting Applied Physics today.
We brought Lars to his new town yesterday and without a place of his own he will sleepover at members of his Students Union. He is confident and so am I that all will turn out fine.
 We brought him with his bike and backpack to Delft, where he will study the coming 4 years.

I remember 14 years ago when Felix came with a cesarean. I remember we tried to tell Lars he was going to have a baby brother and we couldn't communicate with him as he had aphasia and didn't speak until he was 4 years old. We had no idea if he understood what was about to happen. But when he came to the hospital  and held his brother for the first time it was love at  first sight.
Our 3 boys. (Reinier is a son of my DH)
From day one they were the best of friends ♥
No words were needed. Lars understood and fell in love the moment he saw him.
 I just went up the attic to search for these and I just look at all of them.
They made me laugh and cry again :)

This was yesterday . Still best friends
My 2 boys :) How time flies.

The New Church in the background, which contains the Dutch royal family's burial vault.
Happy with my boys.
The city center retains a large number of monumental buildings, whereas in many streets there are canals of which the borders are connected by typical bridges.
Here we had to leave him behind    

We will miss him, but I am happy for him as I know he will have a great time there :)
Lars 06-08-1994

Happy Birthday Felix :)
Have a happy time in Delft Lars:)


  1. aw marianne, so much love and emotion in this. i remember dropping jess off at college and saying goodbye. i'm sure your stomach flip-flopped--after all these years, to know lars and his family will begin a new chapter.

    happy birthday felix! 14! you are a true teenager. i know you will for your lifetime be as sweet as i remember you. ♥

    you are beautiful, marianne. seeing these earlier pictures of you i can safely say that your beauty will remain. :^)


    1. Thanks KJ!!! Yes it was a day (week) with a lot of emotions but most of all good and positive ones. Like every day is a new beginning this was one as well and yesterday. As for the beauty I can see after seeing those old pictures beauty changes......... but eh...... we are still here and healthy lots to be grateful for :)

  2. Oh Marianne, this whole post is so full of love, happiness and sweet sorrow, it just brought tears to my eyes.

    Happy Birthday Felis. You are in such a special family.

    1. Thanks Teri!
      Yes today I laughed and cried as well......

  3. Oh those boys! In the two years I have known you, I have also gotten to know Felix and Lars through our SKYPE visits - I can't believe that Felix is now 14 - and taller than you! He is indeed a *Wunderkind* - full of joy, full of life...

    Lars, has shown himself to be a brave and strong man - already. I will never forget his helping you with Sjimmie and Sarah. He is intelligent, handsome and everything you and Germain could wish for. I know leaving him in Delft was hard.... but, this is the first new chapter in his young life....

    I haven't *met* Reinier day!

    What I do know is that your boys all adore, respect and love you and Germain. You have taught them the important things in life....and they will go forward and continue to make you proud.



    Love to all from San Francisco,

    ♥ Robin ♥

    1. Thanks Robin!!!!!
      I do hope we gave them something as a base in life.....
      I am very proud of both of my boys and hope they will do well in life..............

  4. What handsome boys. You are mightly blessed. They are too. Having one another and great parents to support them. A wonderful life. I want to wish Lars the best of luck in school and Happy Birthday Felix.

    1. Thanks Lisa! And yes we are blessed having them and they, having each other :)

  5. What great photos and memories. Hard to let your babies leave but they must go out into the world to find their ways. Is Delft the place they make the blue Delft china? My Mom used to collect it and I have it now. Happy everything to the Boys. Today is a holiday in the USA and no mail delivery today. I am still counting. :)))

    1. It is hard but I am happy at the same time!
      And yes Delft is the place of the famous Delft Blue ceramic plates and pottery.
      And yes the post man could be there any day from now ;)

  6. Wonderlike dag vir almal, maar mama is n bietjie hartseer. My seuns is nou meer as 18 jare uit die huis. Baie liefs en wfs vir jou en hulle.

  7. So bittersweet to have to leave Lars there for 4 years. It will be wonderful for him, of course, but still, so hard on Mom! Happy Birthday to Felix! Beautiful mandala, Marianne!

  8. Hi Marianne! I know that bittersweet moment very well, the waving goodbye. But I also knew (and know!) that they are launching into such an exciting time, and this is what we want for them. Your boys are so handsome, and they look so happy in these pictures. Well done, Mom and Dad! ;) Xox!

  9. Beautiful! You have given them wings to fly!!! What a lovely share, so touched to be able to read about your wonderful family - and the photos/history. It is amazing how quickly they grow into such interesting people, but I will also admit, I miss the quiet times and snuggles too!
    Good luck to both your boys and all the adventures a new birthday year and school year can bring. :)

  10. hard to believe my little Felix is 14!!!

    I agree with all the words above. You and Germain have done a wonderful job in raising your sons. I believe Lars will do very well away at college. He's smart and brave! And he has a heart of gold remembering how he was there for the kitties :(

    I had no idea he had aphasia! That's quite a miracle to overcome. it just shows his determination! Will you be able to see him in the 4 years?
    The town is beautiful! I love the old world charm of it.

    Seeing the pictures when Felix was born really touched my heart. All 3 sons are beautiful! And I loved seeing you 14 years ago. You still look the same ;)

    Too much time has gone by since we've talked. Today we have a meeting about our schedules. Big changes are coming! Hopefully I'll have more time to stay in touch.

    This was a beautiful post. So much to be proud of!

    Happy Birthday Felix. Stay as sweet as you have always been!

    Congratulations Lars! Learn a lot so you can help make this world a better place :)


  11. happy birthday felix. and how exciting to send Lars off to college. it looks like a lovely town.

  12. Hi Marianne. Happy Birthday to the darling Felix and best of luck to the very handsome Lars.
    Your Mandalas are beautiful. What a lovely family you have.xoxo

  13. This is a lovely wonderful post and you are all so happy looking. ( you look the same as 14 years ago!). Beautiful boys and beautiful family


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