Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hyeonsoo's Mandala

Hyeonsoo 14-02-2012

Symbol of transformation (west) and a happy marriage (east) Back from a trip to Panama. When I came home yesterday it was a sunny day but my lawn was covered with golden leaves. Fall is really here............... I saw Lars just for 2 hours and off he was to Delft. He has his Autumn holiday now but the next few days he will be busy searching for a room in Delft. Today I won't be doing much.
Hope you all will have a nice week :)


  1. Welcome home Marianne. Beautiful mandala. The leaves are falling in earnest here too.

  2. Ditto what Lisa said. Leaves falling here too with rain finally. but it can stop raining for awhile so we can enjoy the pretty colors. :) Hope your son finds a room to stay in.

  3. This one is gorgeous Marianne. Well all your mandalas are gorgeous but the butterflies on here just grabbed my heart.

  4. As always a beautiful mandala. I love the butterflies around the outer edge of this one.
    So pretty and delicate.

    Hope the transition for Lars is a good one. No idea where that is he is going or for how long or for what reason? Am I too nosey?

  5. Glad you got to spend a few hours with Lars! I love his name, BTW! Very strong name! Hope you can get some rest after your trip before you start doing everything under the sun!!! Beautiful mandala....just like you!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  6. The center of this mandala just radiates! It reminds me of a beating heart

    Welcome home, Marianne . Maybe your studio awaits? JB and I and now chase too will head to Provincetown this weekend for Halloween--a wild place to be! I hope you jump in your leaves before raking them up :-)


  7. wow, that deep red background really adds to your beautiful artwork. just lovely.
    thanks for sharing and hope you are well. :)

  8. This is a beauty! I love the red. So powerful.

    Autumn is here as well and now we're waiting for a very big storm (Sandy.) I have wine and pet food and batteries so we'll be okay :)

    I have to work tomorrow but that will be at the height of the storm. We'll see!

    Welcome home.



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