Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Wonder Land

of the world
I returned to
Have been to Toronto
and on my way home
I enjoyed
the beauty
of my world turned white

My gosh what a trip
with all the inconvinience
of winter, something our country never seems
to be prepared for :(
Glad to be home , only for 3 days

Will be enjoying this white world home without being stuck in traffic, trains and waiting queues ................

Hope you are all doing fine.
Started my new year with a big cleanse, an exam and a standby period. Got called for a Toronto on day 3 when Holland turned white overnight. Had a tiring flight  with lots of delay. It took me 4 hours to get home today from the airport. Had to unwind and took a long nap................
Can't wait to sleep in my own bed. Only 3 days of before the next flight. But I intend to enjoy every moment of it.



  1. marianne, i was on delta from CT to AZ and i thought of you. i wish i would be on your plane one day.

    so glad you are home. i feel the same way: Hello Bed!

    there is snow here too.


  2. I am glad you arrived home safe. It is most tiring to have delays. Enjoy the warmth of your home harth.

  3. After such an exhausting trip...I hope you can enjoy all the winter wonder from inside your warm house, just being lazy! It is so beautiful there!!!


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