Friday, February 1, 2013

A present and a present for a present

 Yesterday my friend Tineke payed me a visit and she gave me this gift of Spring on a rainy day.
Isn't this cute? Like a little Spring garden
 While we were having coffee Beau's (see my previous post) Mom dropped by to bring me flowers!

 A gorgeous bouquet
 to thank me for the birth mandala I made for the birth of her son.
 I was so surprised to get a present for a present. It made me blush.
But I was happy she was so enthusiastic about the mandala. She told me Beau's room had a lot of deer in it. A deer lamp and hangers. I didn't know that. I am always happy to find out that the animal I picked for someone's mandala is  the right choice ;)

Tonight I will go to Mantra singing and tomorrow we will visit Lars' school they have an open day.
He will drive home with us. Unfortunately I will leave the next day for Quito for 6 days.
Today I updated my site  Added my 11 latest mandalas and found out Farah's mandala was number 100 (of the painted birth mandalas in acrylic) Together with the others I think I have created 184 by now. And still I enjoy creating them just as much as in the beginning.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead of you.


  1. How lovely to get a present for a present and 'spring' to boot. Shows how much she loved the gift. I LOVE that you did Birds on my mandala since I am a bird lover. Bummer about having to leave just when your son comes home. Have a safe trip.

  2. How perfectly lovely to receive *Spring* as gifts!!! When I see your *Snowflakes*still tumbling down on your blog, I remember that Winter is still in force around most of the World. (We have been blessed with no rain since December and a generally mild Winter so far...)

    How magical (and so *YOU*) to have created a Mandala for Beau that is perfect for him!

    Safe (and I hope) WARM weather in Quito.... (more feet by the pool shots)! A-ha-ha! Say *Welcome Home * to Lars!


    ♥ R ♥

  3. What lovely gifts coming your way. Spring in a planter is fabulous. It is good that you can see Lars before you leave. I hope you have a great time in Quito. At least it should be warm and sunny.

  4. I think you deserve a gift for a gift! Your mandals are amazing. I remember crying when I opened mine at the beginning of our friendship. You know where it hangs and that I see it and honor it every day, just as I do our friendship♥

    You always pick the right animal! You are in tune with the Universe ;)

    I hope we can talk or skype when you get back. We'll have a lot to catch up on.

    miss you and love you!


  5. This sounds like a happy day of friends ♥

    I LOVE the peek of your studio. So serene, Marianne.

    Travel safe.


  6. You deserve all the flowers in the world, Marianne! You have the most giving, sweet heart! I've got to look up where in the world is Quito!!! Maybe I can meet you there! hahaha...just kidding! Enjoy your short time with Lars!

  7. I agree with everyone - you certainly deserve a present for a present and one that brings on spring is just lovely. Those flowers are beautiful and makes one remember that spring WILL come - as I look out the window at the snow!!!

    Happy Travels

  8. you are so intuitive, it comes out in the beautiful mandalas. that's a lot you have made. the flowers are beautiful. hope you are having a wonderful time in SF. Hugs, suki

  9. How lovely - I too am anxious to welcome spring, and the lovely charge of creative energy it brings.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Marianne!!! what a wonderful post....I am so ready for SPring and some warmth.....I am hoping to have the next weeks fly by so I can enjoy warmer air....Spring cleaning and all kinds of fun!!!


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