Friday, February 8, 2013

My last MD 11 flight

Did I tell you I was going to Quito?
Yes? Well that was what I thought until they called me at 20.00 the night before I left.............
They called me to say they were sorry I had a change of schedule. I had to go to San Francisco instead. Well I wasn't sorry!
I called my friend Marja and in no time we ordered a ticket and next morning we flew to SF!!!!
 It was my last MD11 flight as I will be trained for the Airbus 330 Monday. I will miss the MD11......
 breakfast at the Marriott 
 croissants at Boudin
 On our way to the Waterbar
 All pictures are in random order..........The Cookie factory, we found it the second day in China town
 In Sausolito we met a colleague and we got a lift so we experienced the golden gate bridge
 Boudin's bakery at the Fisherman's wharf.
 Pier 39
 The sea lions 
 Of course we met Robin and had a great time
 Lombard street (in the distance)
 China town
 a mural
 Sr. Francis Drake seen from Macy's terrace
 Union Square
 Having cocktails :)
 Mandala's downstairs (click to enlarge)
 Looking for the temple........
 We passed this sign and had to think of the working girl
 found the temple but it was closed.........
The Fortune Cookie Factory 
 Fly me to the moon..........
 Friends meeting :)
 A city you will fall in love with :)
 Marja having fun!
 View from the Waterbar
 Robin taking our picture
 new lights at the Bay Bridge

 SF skyline
 Marja taking pictures
 Robin and Marja at the ferry to Sausolito
 The famous dog Diamond
 taking a shot
Wine from Monterey ;)
The cookie factory

One moment you are packed to go  to Quito, the next I had to re-pack and call Marja. She said yes in an instant and next morning we were on our way to SF for 3 days packed with site seeing meeting Robin and fun!

I am having internet problems here.
Most internet pages won't load. Visiting blogs is nearly impossible. It has been like that for weeks here. Ever since we got a new modem the signal here in my studio is too weak.
 I ordered a WiFi repeater I hope that will do the job.
I have a few busy days ahead of me. But will try to visit you all again ASAP.

Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. marianne, this is a fantastic post! what a beautiful city! it looks like you all saw so many places and covered alot of ground. I say that without even mentioning the food i'll bet you enjoyed :^)

    what a wonderful trip for marja too

    hmmm, does your airline fly into boston?

    love love

    1. Unfortunately no Boston yet.............but you never know what the future will bring.
      It was fun KJ and all so unexpected!
      Hope I will meet my friends at the east coast too this year ;)

  2. What wonderful photos!! I can just tell how much fun you all had! At least we got to Skype together. Soon, the four of us and more :)

    Blizzard has started! We'll be home for the next 36 hours staying warm and cozy. I hope we don't lose power.

    Talk you!♥

    1. Skype was fun but we sure missed you and we toated a lot on you too dear.
      Germain told me about the blizzard coming to the North East Coast :( Hope you stay warm and safe!!!!
      Have to talk soon dear!

  3. what a treat of a post!!! and what a great surprise for you all, delightful pics and it looks like such a wonderful time.

  4. It is good to hear that you got to go to SF. What a wonderful time. Your pictures tell the story. Have a great weekend.

  5. Love travelling the world with you...great photos and wonderful friends...a memorable combo! :) xo

  6. How fun to see the City we live one easy hour from enjoyed through your eyes! Perhaps one day I'll be a part of that welcoming committee!
    Glad you and your friend had such a good time with Robin!

  7. Hi Marianne,
    Great photos and so nice to see Marja in them to. Hope all is well with you and Marja she does not seem to post much these days, I miss reading about Beaudor and his new little brother Baron...say hello for me.

  8. I can't believe we all had those wonderful days together! I am a little sad about the end of your MD 11 Route that brought us together so much these last two years! Love the shot of the plane....

    I am SO HAPPY you and Marja returned to Chinatown and found the Temple (sorry it was closed)..and the Fortune Cookie Factory! Love that video.

    The food was nice - BUT - the BEST thing was for us to spend time together...laugh - talk - just experience being Zusters! It was a fantastic surprise and a fun-filled few days!

    Time for you to *train*


    ♥ Your SF Zuster ♥

  9. I love these pictures because I can tell that you had such a wonderful time. The pic of the three of your together is so sweet. Everyone looks happy! SF is such a great city, and it has Robin! What more can you ask for? :) xox

  10. thank you for these photos and story of your exciting San Fran adventure. You ladies are amazing and sooo sophisticated and glamorous. Have fun training for the new plane.

  11. What fun! Great pictures... I have never been but hope to one day.
    Looks like a fantastic getaway. Thanks for sharing. :)


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