Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Lara

Lara, born June 30 2010
Birth mandala made with watercolors and micron pen.
For her birth month I chose 6 indigo dolphins, symbol of











and Power

Dolphins are viewed as free-spirited, happy and fun-loving. In Native American symbolism, dolphins mean joy, harmony and a connection with one's higher self. The intelligence of dolphins is well-documented, including their ability to learn sign language, to communicate with their own complex language and their ability to form deep attachments to humans. They have also been known to protect humans from shark attacks or even save them from drowning. There are almost 40 species of dolphins. They are closely related to whales and porpoises. Dolphins have a streamline body that is perfect for fast swimming. Dolphins have extrememly sharp hearing and eyesight. They have no sense of smell, but their sense of taste may serve a similiar function since they live most of their lives beneath the surface of the water.

Is there anyone who doesn't like dolphins??????

I don't think so. I think they are very special creatures.

Have a dolphin day!

Happy Animals Wednesday!


  1. is possible I am one of the first to comment?

    This mandela is as lovely as Lara....Dolphins are so magical....we see them, intelligent and brave, graceful, curious...all attributes that bond our two species close together.

    And, I have to say this - because I JUST watched "Doctor Zhivago" on Netflix.... how beautiful a name "Lara" is....

    Marianne is also a lovely name....and Marianne is a LOVELY person. And....I am proud to know her and call her "friend".

    Beautiful and meaningful work.....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. OMG Marianne, this is gorgeous! Your birth mandalas are such beautiful treasures.

  3. now this is beautiful and meaningful - and what a lovely present for a new baby. and wonderful to see on Animal Wednesday

  4. I'm speechless! is this the one you had to start all over? I have to tell you it's so wonderful!!
    I think this will be the best baby gift ever.

    makes me want to have a baby!! hahahahahaha!!!

    You know I don't mean that ;)
    (at my age.)

    Beautiful marianne, just lovely.


  5. It is marvelouse that you have had a birth in the family. It is really special since you just lost a dear friend. This is natures way of reminding us that life goes on. This beautiful mandala will be a treasure for your little one no doubt. HAW.

  6. welcome to the world, lara. marianne is blessing you as only she can.

    i have to watch you create a mandala. i have to!!!

    love love

  7. Oh! it's just perfect, beautiful, wonderful. i LOVE it. Welcome Lara, i wish i knew who you are, but welcome to the world anyway little one.
    What a blessing this is.

    And yes dolphins. i love them so much. i see them almost every day, for my whole life and they never never stop filling my eyes with tears and my heart with happiness. i also believe i might have magical powers because when i go to the beach i think "please come dolphins" and they always do. See?!

  8. I forgot to say how much i loved your use of Native American wisdom, i love that so much too. My family is part Navajo, on my mother's side.

    And i thought you might like to see this post i made on dolphins Marianne, you can see the beautiful ones that live here on the coast of California...


  9. Stunning colours! What a lovely gift - lucky baby!

  10. What a beautiful mandala, Marianne! Dolphins really are special creatures!

  11. I'm a big fan of dolphins, they used to swim along with our boat. I loved to sit up front with my feet dangling down over the water and just peer into the water watching them swim. Lara is a lucky baby girl!

  12. Love those lotus flowers...a nother gorgeous piece...Lucky Lara...:)

  13. Love this one Marianne, beautiful work.

  14. Fantastic! Love the dolphins in the center but the warmth of the palette and sparkle is fabulous too. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Deze is mooi! Zo gedetailleerd.
    Degene die je voor Peter hebt gemaakt, is ook prachtig geworden.

  16. hi marianne!
    oh what a magical mandala you created!
    i love it!
    m & e

  17. Such a beautiful Mandala with beautiful messages!
    Yes, it's a brillant happy one for sure!

    Happy weekends in advance Marianne!


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