Friday, July 30, 2010

Rainbows :)

Rainbow ATC
I got this lamp from my Mom last year
besides it catches the light
when the sun shines
It creates rainbows everywhere
Even in the hall where these little rainbows are reflected by the miror
I just love rainbows, don't you?
Have a rainbow day!


  1. I have a lamp similar to that except mine spins and emits colored light which creates that rainbow effect at night. It's calming to me at night to see the colors spin slowly around the room. Your colors are beautiful!

  2. I wish you could have heard the "OHHHHHHHHHH" that came out of me when I saw the ligt reflected on the walls before I knew that that was what you were writing about. LIke a delighted child I was to see all the rainbows reflected everywhere. What a way to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Rainbow Friday.
    Reminds me that I was a "Rainbow girl" as a young teen.

    And I had a tape selling business years ago called Rainbow's End.

    Thanks for the memories!

  3. BEE-u-tee-full! I, too, adore rainbows! Who could not? The chandelier is is YOU...and when those crystals catch the light, they are afire with colour...just gorgeous!

    Do the kitties ever try and catch the light reflections?

    Schoene Wochenende!!!!

    Liebe Grusse,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. what a feel-good post, marianne!

    that first mandala lifted my spirit to the sky. you are an amazing artist, a great human being, a terrific friend, and soon oh soon a diner companion.

    i am jubilant in thought!


  5. Oh Marianne, just GORGEOUS!!!!!!! So serene and perfect.

  6. It is so odd that I tried to take a picture of some of these rainbows on the floor of my room. I couldn't capture them because the light wasn't right. I love these rainbow mandals. Have a great weekend.

  7. WOW! Isn't this just fantastic? I would be in that room constantly when the light was streaming in!!! Looks good all surrounding your large mandala art on the wall too!!!

  8. Hi Marianne!!! I love rainbows too...they are amazing....and your piece is amazing and that chandelier is gorgeous!!! I love crystals that light up everything!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!!


  9. I love this!!!!!

    You reminded me to put my 'rainbow maker' on my window of the studio. It gets full afternoon sunshine! My father in law bought it for ma years ago and it has been sitting on my shelf.
    Now it's on the window to make lots of rainbows for you and Felix when you visit!!

    Thank you for the rainbows and the reminder ;)

    See you soon!♥

  10. I DO love rainbows! And that chandelier is wonderful. Your mandalas are so dreamy. I love how you put colors together. So pretty.

  11. Gosh, rainbow is so beautiful and healing!
    Love the rainbow concept pieces that you have worked on lately!

    Happy Cactus Monday to you too, bye!

    I love your Animal Wednesday post!
    Sjimmie is always smart and knowing to choose the right spot to rest and also so blend into your shot here.

  12. Beautiful, sparkly fun! But the best part was seeing the hanging mandala and thinking "I have that card!!!" ;)
    thanks for sharing.

  13. Gorgeous, sparkly and happy


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