Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas decorations

Here are some X mas decorations of mine
I did all these last week
I just love all the extra lights......
From Marja♥ What's that dark spot....? See the deer in the background?
I can't seem to take a good picture of the tree, it's either too dark or light....
Sjimmie was here...........................
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  1. Sjimmie is too cute to get mad at!!! Your tree is gorgeous! Love all the extra lights too! Happy Christmas season to you and your family!!!

  2. You did a lot of work Girl,looks so cosy and warm ,will be thinking of you a lot today ;))

    Oooohooo Sjimmie you terrible boy,hope B. stays of the tree,this year I want a big tree from the ground to the ceiling(fingers crossed).


  3. Narianne.....a gorgeous tree and decorations all round! (Marja'a gifts are beautiful!) could anyone ger mad at "that dark spot"! A-ha-ha! "Christmas Sjimmie" is too adorable! I love the extra lights too...they brighten not only the house - but one's mood! I have actually bought a few lights for my place..just for some extra *twinkle*. And..the photo of the deer grazing just outside your window..... it's so beautiful....a real pastoral, Winter scene!

    Thinking of you today, dear one.....

    Sending love and prayers.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Ah Sjimmie! My Max is so bad I can't even have a tree! beautiful decorations marianne and having deer in your yard is the best.

  5. I love it all!! The red balls all together is stunning, and I love little lights everywhere.

    I can't take a decent photo of my tree lit either :(

    Wonderful angel from Mar♥

    I'm holding you in my thoughts today.


  6. Oh how pretty and warm. I love the lights twinkling and the scent of fresh pine. you did beautiful job decorating Marianne! Are those real deer??

  7. Your christmas decorations are gorgeous. I love the lights of christmas too. I could see the deer even before I read the caption. Sjimmie has been busy with those pretty decorations too.

  8. Oh Marianne, everything looks so graceful and beautiful!! You know I love that Sjimmie.

  9. i had to go back to see the deer. who knows that you have deer in your backyard, dear marianne?!

    your decorations are just great. i like the red balls and bulbs best.

    thinking of you with a bundle of love, marianne. TSUP! TSUP! ♥


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