Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Maureen!

(mandala made a few years ago)
Happy Birthday Maureen! ♥♥♥

Today we also celebrate Sint Nicolaas here in Holland
The following video is not suitable for young children and other believers.
You see being a saint is a hazardous job, but I guess someone has to do it. I had to laugh at some parts (yes I am evil sometimes I know......) except when the horse fell:(
We won't celebrate his birthday , which is tomorrow btw (the celebration for the children is today), that much as my kids aren't believers any longer. But I did buy them their names in Chocolate. We will watch a movie and they will eat lots of chocolate and candy.

I can't wait but I will have the decency to wait until tomorrow to decorate for Christmas. Then St. Nicholas returns to Spain.

Have a nice Sunday! Hope Saint Nicholas will bring you lots of candies and presents♥


  1. oh dear! i hope no one was hurt in that video! watching the horse slip was scary!

    happy Sint Nicolaas to you marianne and your children and family too! enjoy the season.

    that mandala is gorgeous, like all the ones you lovingly make, happy birthday maureen!


  2. Happy birthday,Maureen.
    To bad it stopped snowing,what a mess it's now((;
    Well at least we have a blue sky>>to the woods....

    Nice chocolateday,dear

  3. what a funny video - those horses much have been scared by the cape or something right?
    lovely gorgeous Mandala (as usual! I look at mine everyday) and have a lovely St. Nick day

  4. wonderful mandala. happy holiday to you. fun to celebrate even if one doesnt believe. there were a few guys on that video who couldnt seem to get on their horses. and sad the one horse slipped. hope he was okay.


  5. A-ha-ha!!!! O "Evil" one.... this is too funny! (Except for the horse....I am guessing it was icy ground for him.....and hope he came away unscathed!)

    One of the downsides to having some lovely, fluffy white snow - is that when it begins to melt, you are lefy with a sludgy careful walkig out there...and I hope ALL the "Sint Nicolaases" ( including their steeds and their hats) stay upright today!

    Ummm...chocolate! I will be right over! I know Felix will share with me.... (right, Felix?)!

    and......GORGEOUS mandala.....your mind dreams deeply to create such beauty..... all your mandalas inspire!

    Love to all and Happy Sint Nicolaas Tag!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Beautiful mandala, as always.
    I could not watch the video when I heard the horse fell. I am waiting until next weekend to decorate :-).
    Happy weekend Marianne! xoxo

  7. That video is hysterical. I brought my husband in to watch it and I have tears I am wiping away from my laughter. St. Nicks certainly are not horse people and those hats give them way too many problems. I think they should learn the American way and use a sled with raindeer and a softer floppy hat, much safer!!!! LOL
    Thanks for sharing...

    As always your art is stupendous!

    Enjoy some of that chocolate. Chocolate names sounds like delicious fun.

    Me? Still laughing!!!!

  8. I sat here and chuckled all through the video, except when the horse fell and the little child and St Nick fell off the stage. Cute video. I hope YOU and your children had the best of days. I just love that Poinsetta mandala on your header.


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