Monday, December 6, 2010

Ready for Christmas? / Give Away

Well at least my blog is :)

I will start decorating the house and wrapping the presents this week, as next week I won't have so much time I think.

Here is my Christmas mandala for this year.
The poinsettia watercolor mandala is used for my new Christmas blog look and will also be my giveaway for this year's X-mas. All you have to do is to leave a comment and I will pick a winner next week.
The winner will get the original mandala and I will also trow in a few cards with the poinsettia print.

Snow is melting here and it is very slippery.......
Hope you are enjoying the holidays! I like X-mas, especially all the lights, which brighten up these dark days before Christmas as we call them. But I would rather celebrate it on a tropical island (you know I don't like cold weather and short days)
Stay warm and safe with this kind of weather. And enjoy all that is to come this month!


  1. Love the new colors on your blog,very festive and another beautiful mandala to boot.

  2. Meid je hebt jezelf weer overtroffen,wat een prachtige kleuren....
    Het was heerlijk op het strand,Beaudor heeft gereld met alle hondjes en was zo verliefd op een Border Collie dat hij zelfs de zee in ging haha.
    Voor morgen dan ben jij er toch pas na 3 uur,laat het anders even weten dan ben ik eerder thuis.

  3. This mandala is gorgeous. I noticed it on your header immediately. I hope you get your decorating finished so you can enjoy the rest of the season of lights.

  4. Love the new mandala! I hope your are getting some sunny days, even if it is cold outside. :) I have lots of wrapping to do this week, too. I wish us both luck! lol! xox Pam

  5. lets go to a tropical island together after our mutual Dec 13th experiences. I'm with you about the heat/cold as you know.

    Lovely mandala, so peaceful and soothing to look at. blessings, suki

  6. Oh M, this is gorgeous!!! And I know how much it must sparkle in person. And the blog looks beautiful too! Even Sjimmie is decorated :)

    Don't slip in the snow. Stay safe and warm!


  7. beautiful!!!!! A gorgeous, seasonal mandala... as much as I adore it, you should give this to someone who does not have one of your amazing pieces!

    And...."Christmas Sjimmie".....he looks like he is about ready to jump up and grab that ribbon and dash around the house! Cats adore all the gift wrappings, don't they!

    Stay warm m' dear..... I know you dream of life in warm climes - with white sand beaches and tropical breezes.....

    Sending you and ALL the Family,

    Love and Hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. It is a beauty Marianne!
    You are such a busy lady.

  9. Thanks Vic!

    See U tomorrow Marja!

    Thanks Lisa I hope so too. It feels like I am behind the schedule (I had in my head...)

    Hi Yoborobo!
    I have been wrapping all afternoon........

    Let's do that Suki! But first we have to get some things done the 13th........

    Dear Lo, thanks! I have been very careful today:)

    Thanks Robin but your name is in the hat, just like anyone else who commented ;)

    Thanks Teri, but so are you!
    Well I guess we all are this time of the year!

  10. Hi Marianne!!! oh this is so beautiful and I love the Holiday look here at your are always so creative and your art has so much passion in it....

    Have a wonderful week!!!!

  11. how sweet and generous of you dear marianne, this painting is so delicate and lovely! the luckiest person will win it!

    i hope the snow starts to fall again so there won't be a chance to slip for you! maybe someday you can plan a tropical christmas, when i lived in hawaii it was still very festive even if we did have palm trees instead of pines!

    your blog looks so pretty, all dressed up for the holidays (i've got to get busy!)

  12. Beautiful! It looks so festive. Thanks for sharing.

  13. love the colors on your blog and that mandala took my breath away it's so beautiful! Happy holidays girl!

  14. look at your blog! you are one clever girl.

    the mandala is beautiful and here is my official comment with fingers crossed. :) what a lovely giveaway this time of year.

    i thought of you this morning marianne. but i'm not telling why. :)


  15. Your poinsettia mandala is lovely - just like the look of your Christmas blog...very pretty colors! I would love to get the chance to enter your Giveaway and I am a follower of your blog as well (if it matters.)

    We don't get snow here and I miss it terribly, another reason I want to move up north into the mountains where I can see some snow at Christmas time.

    Have a wonderful week und Frohe Weihnachten!

  16. Wow. This is gorgeous. I'm trying to catch up on visiting blogs, and finding wonderful treats like this!

  17. This is just beautiful - please consider me entered! I've been looking back through posts, I also love the swan mandala; it's very beautiful!

  18. Your blog looks fabulosa Marianne! What a sweet giveaway! I love your Christmas mandala...really lovely!!! Stay warm over there!!!

  19. This is so beautiful. Lucky person who wins it. And sweet of you to have a give away at Xmas time.
    Wishing you the happiest of holidays dear Marianne. To you and your family my best wishes.

  20. What a fantastic Mandala Marianne. I have enjoyed catching up with your blog today. Where does the time go? Love your decorations too. I hate it when I have to take mine down! Also love the 'colour it in' mandala! I will have a go at that. Have a wonderful Christmas my friend.


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