Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Animal Wednesday / Sjimmie in action.......

Yesterday evening when I was calling a dear friend of mine Sjimmie and the others started acting strange. First I thought a strange cat was in the house but then it dawned to me we had a new pet!
Brought in the house by our own prince of darkness............
He let him escape just to continue the fun inside. Here he is guarding the little opening under the desk.
Next day the "thing" moved to the living room .
Here Sjimmie got some help from our Troelie.
The assistant Troelie at 16 years has no teeth left. But beware she still has her claws.......
After a wild chaise in the hall with the help of Felix we manage to secure the cats and escort the new pet outside........
awwwwww, it was Mr. Jingles!!!!!!!
Felix nearly begged me to keep him. He would make him tame and he could live upstairs.
I am not really scared of mice (you won't believe me after seeing the video....)but I just don't like them in the house. Besides keeping these kind of pets in cages is not my idea of keeping pets.....
So I took a cloth threw it over Mr. Jingles and moved him to the green garden were we released him after a 20 hour adventure in our house. Poor guy............


  1. oh - that is such a funny story - I love the fact that he managed to survive that long and get released again. Imagine the story he'll have to tell to his buddies! mousie the hero, escaping from the big bad predator!!! wonderful

  2. That's a great piece of video Marianne, it's nice to hear your voice. How lucky was that little fellow to escape! I'm glad you rescued him. Lovely cats.

  3. I would have reacted the same way. While I am not afraid of mice the way they skitter about when you aren't expecting them always startles me. I love watching cats playing with their victim.

  4. he must have felt very relieved to be brought back outside. i have had many mice/cat adventures through the years. I have always been able to capture the guy and bring him out. also, rabbits and chipmunks.

  5. LOL! My cats do the same thing. And I always know we have a little visitor because they line up like that at a door, or in front of a hutch, just waiting. We have a "Have a Heart" trap that has been used to rescue many mousies over the years. :) I'm not really afraid of them either, but I jump when they skitter across the room - haha! xox Pam

  6. Gelukkig heb je het muisje weten te redden!!

  7. Helppppppppppp,think thats why I'm not a catlover,Mouse helpppppp.
    The film The Green Mile was beautiful,but couldn't watch to the half of it because of the tiny grey thing.
    Rather have Lions LOL.
    Sweet from your Mom,saves a lot of money.....

  8. SJIMMIE!!!!! He is such a hunter!
    Poor "Mr. Jingles".... but, a brave little mousie to survive a night with "The Prince of Darkness" lurking near by! I loved seeing Troelie (aka "The Assistant") trying to assist! like Felix to want to adopt Mr. Jingles... er ist wirklich ein Wunderkind!

    A great post - with - a Happy Ending! My favourite kind of story!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. The great black hunter strikes again. I was watching the video with bated breath and jumped when you yelled. What a fun post Marianne!!


  10. I'm glad you released Mr. Jingles because those wild mice don't make good pets and some of them bite because they are not used to being handled...and some of them can carry to get a domestic one from the pet shop.

    I bet that was exciting for both the cats and the little mouse...I liked the big, bad mouse monster picture you flashed in the video LOL very funny!

  11. I'm finally stopping by!

    That's the cutest mouse I ever saw :)
    I'm so glad he's running free in the fileds again.

    The cars crack me up, waiting and tormenting the little guy. Just like cats!

    Yay, happy ending!

    Now all we need is for you to feel better ;)


  12. oh my gosh!
    what a great story and happy ending for mr. jingles!
    m & e

  13. Hello My Sweet Marianne!!!! I just got the sweetest package from you in the made my day with your thoughtfulness and the cute painting and sweet bee are so thoughtful and you really know how to make a friends day!!!! thank you so much for being you and for being so so sweet!!!!

    You know I will frame your cards and never ever be able to send them anywhere!!!! they are gorgeous!!!!

    I love all of your cute photos in this post....your little Sjimmie is one lucky kitty cat!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!


  14. I am so glad the mouse is free and unharmed! such a cute post, your cats are so funny!

    (we had a mouse in our cabin last weekend, never saw him, but he would squeak a lot! so cute!)

  15. I feel the same as you, I think mice are such sweet, darling creatures, but I DON'T want them in my house! When they do come in my Max eats them whole.Yikes! xoxo

  16. followed you here from Sukipoet's blog
    and glad i caught this post
    I have cats too and I know that stance
    glad you were able to rescue the little guy

  17. Oh wow! Funny, Mr. Jingles!!!! Hey.....congratulations on becoming grandparents, she is beautiful. Look forward to reading and seeing all the joy that radiates from this precious gift!

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed your video! I don't have cats but they sure look like a lot of fun!

  19. Oh been there many a time with various mousers over the years!! Lovely pics - that mousie is just so cute, but best off outside!

  20. So sorry you're feeling poorly. Hope you get on the mend soon.
    We've had these kinds of "indoor pets" from time to time also. The cats sure do get a bang out of them, don't they? Once, a bird came down our chimney. I think the cats thought they were in Heaven! We caught the bird by throwing a towel over it, too.
    Get well soon.


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