Sunday, January 30, 2011

Step 2

Roel's birthday is the 21th. I always start with that, so the 2 is represented by the yin yang symbol it is surrounded by a red band with a silver star pattern The band symbolizes oneness.
Born in the 12th month so again a red band.
And an orange circle for Step 3 tomorrow
Have a nice Sunday!


  1. I'm enjoying the step-be-step process on how you make these and what goes into them. I did not realize there was so much symbolism.

  2. oh - its beautiful, love the colors and watching the effort and thought that goes into making these.

  3. I love watching the process with my very own mandala above me ;)♥

  4. So interestsing how you give meaning to each round of the mandala! Beautiful.

  5. i love these so much marianne. how did you learn so much? is there a book you can recommend?


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