Monday, September 19, 2011

Cactus Monday / an Oldie

Since I have no new art to show I thought of this reprise after reading Teri's post today.
Still busy time for art.
Hope in October all will be finished and live will be back to normal.
But don't feel sorry for me. I am grateful to feel I have lots of energy again. After a tough half year  I am completely recovered and feeling great again. I am enjoying the process of the renovation. 
Today I worked in my garden.
 Workers came to do work for a pavement.
 I moved all my hydrangeas 
 Moved them over here, together with 6 m³ of soil.
 After replanting I pruned them
here is the pile.....

I am very happy with the results. We were so lucky with the weather today, a lovely sunny day!
 Tomorrow my day will be easier, I will continue to clean up inside here.

Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Goodness Marianne, You are being creative in a whole other way. How exciting to be able to remodel your house and garden at the same time. Your new hydrangea bed looks marvelous. An awful lot of work but it is paying off in beautiful surroundings. HCM.

  2. marianne, i just love making changes in the yard! it's great to see more of where you live and how exciting what you've done. hydrangeas are so tolerant and reliable, just like my zinneas!

    i wish for you all the time you need and want for now. i am so glad to hear you are feeling better and best. you deserve nothing less!


  3. There is nothing like refreshing, moving stuff, and making all so new and pretty!!! Good luck with the cleaning up fun!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  4. Glad you are feeling well and things are moving along for you. It's a lovely "old" painting and fun to see!!! HCM

  5. House and garden makeover at the same time - and feeling better too - can't be bad!!

  6. What an undertaking, it's largescale art! Glad you are feeling well these days, good thing, with such a job. What a joy it will be when finished. Never a disappointment to see a rerun of your artwork, thanks for sharing.

  7. This is one of my favorite paintings. So beautiful. I 'm glad you reposted it.

    Wow, you have been very busy recreating your world.


  8. What a gorgeous CM painting!
    I love the *glowing*, pearly Moon!!!!

    The garden looks FANTASTIC! The flowers are already content and smiling in their new homes!!!

    I can feel your feeling CONTENT...begining to spread all over the house, garden and on to your blog...and ultimately on to US!


    Dein Zuster,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Marianne, so happy you are feeling good! Your yard is stunning.xoxo

  10. oh what a wonderful painting....and that landscaping looks amazing Marianne!!!!!!!

  11. You sound busy! I like the way your grounds look. I'm sure it will be very nice when done.


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