Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A shell

Finally something else painted than walls.
I started this last Wednesday in my art class.
It is a little painting of a shell which I will hang in my toilet.
I struggled with a landscape for weeks. I know I learn from this but I don't like all my lessons in life ;)
Than I got the idea for this painting for my toilet and this is how far I got in one afternoon.
Amazing how things you do with your heart are so much easier.
Well at least they are more fun. 
Tomorrow afternoon I will continue and make pictures of the progress.

The renovation is nearly finished. After my next trip, which will be to Suriname again I will paint my toilet and corridor and then I will take a few weeks off. I hope to get more time to do art . In 8 weeks my new shed will be delivered and I have to paint it 3 times!!! 
The house is back to normal and clean again. That feels great!
Slowly life get back to normal as well.
Thanks for all your patience I also hope to become a better blogger and blog friend soon.



  1. Don't fret about your being so busy. I missed you while you were so busy but I know how happy you will be with all you have accomplished on the home front. I love the start of your shell. I agree that it is so much easier to paint what you want to paint. Even if those life lessons are as much fun sometimes it is worth the effort.

  2. ah marianne, what rounded depth you've achieved in this shell. i love seeing this side of your paintbrushes.

    i can feel your almost-over weariness in this post. i'm glad the end is near, marianne. so much construction and dust. i don't think you will mind painting that shed. i wish i could be there to help you. i like outdoor painting

    hope to see you soon, friend :^)

  3. Glad your house is back to normal...it is hard to live with it torn up. Too bad you will have to paint your new shed 3 times! Goodness. This shell painting is interesting!!! You are always a good blogger and Blogger friend...no worries...we all love you!!!
    coco Julie

  4. Hey, sometimes life overcomes the blog!!! Love the painting, agree that it is so much easier to work on something that your heart is into. I look forward to seeing all the renovations, sounds like you still have alot to do! Good to hear from you.

  5. So happy to hear life is getting back to normal. We missed you but understand.
    Your shell is already beautiful! Enjoy the rest.

  6. such a pretty painting, i love the abalone shell. you have really caught it's essence marianne.

    it sounds like you've been very busy, in a good productive way. take good care my friend.
    xxx lori

  7. this is oustanding, such a hard thing to paint- you are a true artist. Ek hoop alles sal meer rustig wees in jy kan rus, hoekom is dit altyd die vrou wat die huis moet reg maak? Liefs en wfs xxx

  8. beautiful!!!!!!!! You know I love abalone shells ;)

    The house is looking wonderful M. What a mess it was, my goodness! But I looked at your album today and smiled. I loved seeing you on the ladder :)
    The new kitchen floor is beautiful! I love the blue/grey color.

    Miss you! We'll connect when you get back.


  9. I like the paintings,who is the one doing the paintings

  10. Hello Marianne! Sorry that I didn't pass by that often. Please forgive me.

    I can see that you have put a lot of effort in your painting! It has many beautiful details and shades!

    I wish i could have the time to do painting like you again!


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