Friday, December 16, 2011

A colorful home..................part II

In march 2008 I posted this picture of a colorful  home
Not knowing who took it or where it was . I just found it on the internet.
This morning I got a mail from the artist who lived here.
His name is Geert Limburg and you can see more of his work here.

(picture by Geert Limburg)

I found out that he lived very close to were I lived when I first moved out in 1984. I lived in the Schutterstraat (Rotterdam Crooswijk) for a couple of years just a few blocks from where this picture was taken.
In the picture you can see the street name Boezemlaan . My mom was nursed there in a center for Tuberculosis when she was in her twenties.
Both the hospital barracks and the colorful house (more pictures here) are torn down.

Because of his e-mail I did some web surfing and took a little stroll on Memory Lane as well.
Thanks Geert :)

(my first home in the Schuttersstraat # 7)

My town: Rotterdam  (seen from the Maasboulevard)


  1. You just never know who you will meet or where you will go when you have people reading your blog. The artist's house is really interesting.

  2. that is the coolest house. i must have missed your original post. too bad it is torn down but how nice he contacted you. I think you'd have to wear all black to live in there without going looney. LOL. cheerful for sure.

  3. Dear M~

    First of all I miss you!!!!
    Second, your painting looks wonderful! You did a great job ;)

    That house is very psychedelic! I'm so glad you and the artist connected. And I also loved seeing the first place you lived. I'm so happy to stroll down memory lane with you...or anywhere else!


  4. I just love these kind of connections. Wonderful art too!

  5. how interesting- it is such a small world! baie liefs en wfs vir jou en die hele familie. xxx

  6. I am so impressed that the artist contacted amazing is that Marianne!!!!! wow!!!! I love hearing cool stories like this one.....I love the house and the cool art he did.......and I also love you painting of is amazing work .....

    I hope you are home getting ready for the Holidays!!!!! I wish you all the best always my dearest Marianne!!!!


  7. Fun! It is also fun to go down memory lane :-).
    Have a wonderful holiday!!!

  8. Really cool grafitti! I would love to live in a house that looked like this. Should I get out my cans of spray paint?
    So interesting, all the ties you have here. What a memory jog for you.

  9. The house impresses me but your painting blows me away everytime I see it

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