Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Post of the Year..............


The day after Christmas I flew to Havana.
One of our new destinations , so it was my first  visit.
When you like old cars and buildings is is the place to be.
I didn't like the poor dogs in the street and horses which were skin and bones that had to ride tourists through the town. Can't believe people would step in a carriage like that.
I just don't like it to  see animals treated badly.
I bought dog food for the dogs but most of them they didn't know what it was.
I saw the town took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the last sunshine of this year.
No (real) internet there so all in all I am happy to be back home to celebrate New Years Eve with my family and pets.

Lars returned home because he changed his mind . He wanted to celebrate tonight with his family instead of with his friends who were busy with fireworks all the time.
I am happy we are all together tonight and I am home so I can keep an eye on my deer and the other furry ones.
To be quite honest I don't like this last day of the year that much.
The best thing is the champagne ;)

I am wishing you a wonderful evening.
Have fun and be safe.
See you all next year.

Wishing you a new year filled with love, happiness, health, friends and creativity.
Happy New Year!


  1. When I saw the first picture I knew you had been to Cuba. It is rather derelict. Like it is stuck in the 50's. I bet it was an interesting adventure. There is no place like home though. Happy New Year. Enjoy that champagne. It will make the last day of the year disappear into a yummy fog. :)

  2. What a scene there in Cuba! Those cars are something else. Sorry about the condition of the animals...such a shame. Glad you are back safely and I pray you have a famililicious New Years Eve!!!

  3. happy new year marianne, many wishes for a new year filled with love.

  4. I feels like going back in time.
    It breaks my heart to hear of another place that treats it's animals poorly! What is wrong with people?!
    Glad you are home.
    Have a very happy New Year!

  5. marianne, i have a fascination with cuba so i loved this post...until i read about the animals. god love you for buying dog food. we do what we can when we can. that counts. but how sad. and those horses, sounds too hard.

    i didn't stop to think that cuba would not be able to import new cars, since the bay of pigs? what a step back in time...

    you will go there again? and yes, wwe meet in 2012 one way or another and we toast and appreciate. thanks for your friendship. it means alot alot alot to me


  6. You have the most exciting life Marianne! I have not seen any photos of Cuba in years and you really assessed it right. It looks so old and broken and yet so interesting. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    Happy New Year

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