Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Look and Give Away!

A new blog look for the Holidays :)
This week I made this mandala with Inktense pencils and micron pen.
You can win a print of this mandala on Archival paper by just entering a comment. In fact there is one print on A4 and two on A5 so 3 chances to win.
Next week I will be in Singapore for 8 days, so I will pick a winner when I come back the 11th of December.

Meanwhile enjoy the Holiday season!


  1. This is such a cheerful holiday picture Marianne. Sjimmie looks great as a tree decoration. Ihope you have a good trip.

  2. Gorgeous as usual, and love the new look. I've got to spend some time re-designing my blog look - maybe for the new year.
    have fun in Singapore!

  3. so clever how you made your own design the background.

  4. Christmas Sjimmie! (But shouldn't he been seen trying to knock all the ornaments off the tree? A-HA-HA!)

    This is gorgeous....but I am removing myself from the giveaway - as I already have two of your goorgeous Mandalas...

    I am happy your artistic soul had a chance to make some art - and redo your blog!!!! (But, then, you never cease to amaze me!)


    ♥ R ♥

  5. oooh! ooooh! oooh! pick me! (picture the kid in class with their hand up and waving it at the teacher) I think Sjimmie is a very regal cat and he's so handsome.

  6. marianne, you have the most beautiful blog. i don't know how you import your designs and layout, but i quite love what you do.

    take care and have fun on your trip. when you return the holidays will surround you with love and time.

    i'm in for the giveaway but if i win i want it to go pak art. i can tell she's rightly in love with your festive creation.

    love love

  7. This is cute! Looks like a Christmas kaleidoscope. And look, Sjimmie is in there too! Cool.

  8. Marianne!!! you are always blowing me away with these amazing Mandalas!!! you are so creative and this Christmas one is perfection...and you are so sweet to do a giveaway!!!!!

    Have a great time in Singapore!!!!

  9. I love the cat/Xmas decoration combination.

  10. Pragtig my vriendin, geniet Kersfees ook en ek wens julle almal n wonderlike Nuwe Jaar. Met baie wfs en leifde altyd!

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