Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Myrthe 05-03-1982
(mandala made 8 years ago)

Germain's daughter turned 30 yesterday!
My how time

I have the feeling I have so little to blog about at this moment. I just recovered from quite a flu.
Tomorrow I have one of my yearly exams for Flight Safety, so I have to study today. Thursday I fly to Panama.
Next leave I have to study for the second exam and than I fly to New York.
After that I will have my winter holiday, but I hope Spring will be here by then.
We are going to do some work in the garden and in May our builder will start with my studio :)
I haven't had any time (nor energy) to do art but I hope to get that after my New York.
I have also a workshop planned for this month, which I had to postpone because of my fly so next week I will be busy preparing for that as well.

So this is just a sign of life from me.
Oh and a question; does this new word verification of Blogger also drives you nuts?!
I think it is a real pain in the neck!
Sometimes it takes me more than 4 times to get it right. Grrrr!
I tried to look it up in my settings, but I can't find how to switch it off.
Any idea's?

PS: I think I did it but had to bring back the old Blogger interface to do so. Why does Blogger makes it so difficult lately?!
Well I hope you can leave comments now without proving you are not a robot and having to solve that awful CAPTCHA.

Have a nice day :)


  1. Word vert is so annoying - WHY did they come up with that? Makes me like the robots - hahah! I hope you feel much better soon. It's not fun to study when you are sick. :( The studio sounds like it is going to be lovely! xox

    1. I start to susprect my hayfever started. So that followed the flu without any time in between. My throat is hurting every night and I feel exhausted :(
      Well Spring is in the air, that is the good news :)

  2. Good to hear from you Marianne. Hate to hear you have been so sick. The flu is no fun. You are such a bushy lady.
    I hate the new blogger comment wv. It does take some getting used to. I tried turning it off and I got so many spams I turned it back on. CRAZY I tell you.

    Take care.

    1. I think I managed to get it off . Let see if I get too much spam maybe it takes less time for me to remove all spam instead of doing all those wv at comments........

  3. This is a beautiful Mandala... I am sure Myrthe (I love her name) treasures it!

    It's good to see you up and about again.... these darn flus are bloody awful and take such a long time to recuperate from!

    Good Luck on the test today - I KNOW you will pass with FLYING Colours!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your *Flies*!!!! They are adorable!

  4. I too removed WV from my blog as it is so annoying. I still find many have it and i see it as an eye test! LOL
    On your blog I have difficulty scrolling down. it can take many minutes and much patience to do so. If I do not have the time I cannot stay to leave a comment or even read your blog at times. I am so sorry. It may be my computer and have nothing to do with your blog itself. I have no idea why this happens. I want to visit always, and leave comments. Glad I can today. You do sound busy. Enjoy life. Stay well. And keep making your beautiful mandalas. I enjoy them so much.

      I just hope they will improve their blogger soon, as we nearly all have our blogs there........:(
      Glad you could visit and leave a comment. I removed the WV and I wouldn't know how to solve that scrolling problem............

  5. So sorry to hear you have been I'll Marianne. No fun and I can attest to that as I have also been feeling yucky.

    I don't remember this mandala so am happy you posted it.

    I removed my WV also after help from blogger...hate it. Now that it's gone I get a ton of spam but it never makes it to my blog so blogger is doing something to keep it off. Thank goodness.

    Stay on the road to recovery!!!

  6. Oh, and as to Lynn's comment, I don't have any issues like that. Must be her computer.

  7. oh how super gorgeous is this piece Marianne!!!! I love it.....so sorry to hear that you got ill....I had a bad one too ....knocked me down for quite a while....get better asap and I look forward to seeing more of these amazing mandalas!!!!

    p.s. Thank you for the encouraging words!!!! you are the sweetest friend Marianne!!!!

  8. marianne, any of your art and mandalas you share here are as fresh as the first time.

    i hope your energy returns with no more problems. what a flu. take care of yourself. this schedule sounds ambitious. :^(

    NEW YORK?!!!!! for how long????? guess what i'm thinking!


    1. would be so cool!!!!!!
      unfortunately I will only be there 24 hours..........but still .........
      I will mail you ok?

  9. Yep, I hate that comment moderation thingy too. I have never used it on my blog and I have only been spammed once or twice.
    You sound very busy! No wonder you are sick. Please try to rest some and don't overdo it.

  10. Hello Marianne!

    Love your Mandala and it's so radiant and beautiful!
    Together with 8 years history...G
    good and great! It's a good fortune number plus the fishes really enlighten me!

    Good luck in your coming exam and look like you are much more busier than me.

    Yeah, I do agree with you about the commenting part, sometimes I do have to try even more than 4 times to get the words typed all correct. It's so much harder now...of competition, not encouraging people using blogger?

    Anyway, take good care. I hope you are doing great with all your plans.....

    1. I am doing ok. In am in Panama now passed my exam :).
      Today I will just enjoy the sunshine here!

  11. By the way, I love the big font here!
    Easy to read and so elegant too!

  12. I'm with KJ. What dates???

    1. 21 and 22 Marcch. Are we going to celebrate the beginning of Spring ?!!!

  13. time does fly... but made more enjoyable with the postive, lovely people who surround us. :)

  14. Lovely Mandala - time speeds up the older we get doesn't it?! Take care Marianne - looks like your schedule is too busy. Hope you get a 'proper' holiday soon! x


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