Friday, March 23, 2012

New York part I

 After  I arrived in NY we went to 230 Fifth.
Who is the mystery lady ......?
Don't you dare take my picture..........

 When in NY have a drink there at sunset and you will enjoy the most spectacular views!
 Our table had a view at the Empire State :)
 Colors changing all the time
We had dinner at Boom........or was it  Boob? Hahaha
Lovely place, wonderful food but we all agreed the music was @#$%^&

It was soooo good seeing KJ and JB again. nearly 2 years ago. Too long but it felt like it was yesterday, we just pick up where we left. And I know it will always be this way :)
And the same for Lo of course. I was so happy to see her and finally hug her again :)
The whole trip was like a dream come true.
I just don't know the right words to describe how happy I am to have met Lo KJ and JB again.
I think this is how real friendship should be. It doesn't matter how long it was ago since you saw each other.
Can you explain this to people who do not blog....?

And I know we will meet again and that it won't take 2 years again.

 what a wonderful place to have breakfast!!!!
le Pain Quotidien (the daily bread)

 One of the nicest places I have been for a breakfast!

 Look how the menus are presented!
How lucky I felt to be able to spend time with my dear friends. 
 Always a photographing babe in the picture :)
 enough to see in NY
A cat in a merry go round and who is there........ (more about that on KJ's blog later)
Look at those claws......


  1. You ladies had too much fun. Can't wait to hear more.

    1. We did Lisa! I have a few pictures left but KJ took the most I guess and I am waiting for Lo's too :)

  2. aw jeez marianne, it was just yesterday?? we saw and did so much but it felt so leisurely, we just fell into one thing and then another.

    you are so dear to me. i know we will meet in many places from here on out and every time i will be so glad to see you again. you are fun and vibrant and so beautiful in every way. next time i believe we will kidnap mim to be sure she makes the trip with us. :^)

    i can't wait to see more of your photos. these are terrific.

    i love you, i do.


    1. It was indeed so easy peasy KJ! It didn't felt like there was nearly 2 years in between, a sign of real friendship I think.
      It was such a crazy idea of you, but I love you for being crazy!
      And Mim yes I keep missing her...... but I am sure that one day we will meet too :)
      It is fun to see all of our pictures!
      I love you too dear

  3. What fun to meet up with fellow Bloggers and in such a wonderful place. Loved your photos. Good to see Lolo out and about.

  4. It's so wonderful to make friends over the Internet and then to meet the, in person. Such a grand time you all had.

  5. I can't believe I just worked an 11 hour day and haven't had time to email or blog yet!

    What a time we had! I now know how to do things right next time. And there WILL be a next time!

    I miss you already too :(

    How is your shoulder and back from carrying my bag???? OMG I could hardly move it along the train! Thank you for helping me.

    I think I'll edit my photos now and do a post too!
    Thank you for the generous crops :)

    Love you and miss you!


  6. What great, fun-filled photos!!! You can see the joy in everyone's be together share a meal, a glass of are right.. this is the true meaning of may all live thousands of miles apart, in different time zones...but your hearts are one. It's a beautiful thing!

    The hotel bar looks divine....those views bring back many memories to me...NY still is a magical town....even for a 24 hour stay!

    Love the Carousel....and the Cat and "Emily Lookalike"....

    Looking forward to more photos from you all!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    1. It was magical Robin!
      It was so special to meet up like that. well we know all about that ;)
      But almost surreal with NY as a stage.......
      It was so nice being together again!

  7. What a great trip!! You guys really ate at some lovely places!!!!! I am still waiting for my NY trip one day!!! xoxo- Julie

    1. Yes Julie NY is certainly a place you HAVE to visit! You will dear :)

  8. It looks perfect- just lovely

  9. love the cat. you all are so beautiful~!

  10. Well I miss 2 in the pics ((; but LOVE it you Girls did have FUN!!!!!!

    And Le Pain for breakfast I know that is in Antwerp too,so next meeting there then I can take B&B to ahahahahaaa.

    xxx Mar

    1. I told Lo you would love the place later when I looked up the link I saw they have places all over the world.
      And yes you and Robin should have been there too!

  11. plus we missed mim!!! fingers crossed for next time.

    and maybe a couple of other fine women too....

  12. ps that mim!!! is supposed to be mim !!!

  13. Those are the best lookin' smiley faces I've seen in a long time!
    Betting NYC will never be quite the same since you gals hit town!
    Great shots of great times!

    1. NYC will never be the same again :)

  14. fantastic! what a wonderful experiance for you all, i love all the photo takers! it's so much fun to see everyones posts. :)

    1. It sure is Lori. I didn't take so many pictures as Lo and KJ for me it is also fun seeing NY from their angle.

  15. I am so jealous- what a lovely place to meet. One day I will get there too! Liefs en wfs.

  16. Great to see you all! How wonderful that you managed to get together!


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