Monday, March 26, 2012

New York part III Cactus Monday

 Look who was in NYC as well!
 She joined us for breakfast and the fun
 Bryant park...............and look a cactus for CM!

 Frida felt right at home and wanted a tequila! 
 JB treated Frida for a ride in the carousel 
Frida loved NYC as much as we did!

Happy Spring!
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. That Frida!!! She really gets around! I love the photo of JB putting Frida on the Carousel!
    Too cute! And..the one in the Cactus - a-ha-ha!

    Love seeing all of these wonderful photos - KJ is glowing! JB is glowing! Frida is glowing!
    (And I know you and Lo are too!)


    ♥ R ♥

  2. That Frieda does get around. You gals had too much fun. HCM.

  3. LOL! You are so funny! Frida looks so happy to be traveling in such delightful company. :)) xox

    1. She is always happy to sse the world outside my suitcase :)

  4. hahahahahahaha!!! Frida had a fun ride along with us!


  5. Too funny! That makes Frida a member of the CM group. What a gal!

    HCM to all.

  6. oh how wonderful!!!!! you know how much I love New York!!! to think Cole was on those very same horses on that carousel!!!! love these photos!!! wishing you an amazing week sweet Marianne!!!!

    1. NYC is an enchanting place for every age

  7. you all do look like you are having fun. a wonderful trip.

  8. I am loving all the NY photos and also the ones of JB, KJ and Lo and you! How wonderful to be able to spend some time together in that beautiful city. xoxo

  9. Lots of fun New York shots shared Marianne.
    Have fun and I am going to drop by again to witness your part IV New York story!

  10. oh hello frida! welcome to sex and the city! (lori said that and i laughed out loud) (well, i did get a pick up offer) (don't forget: he even had teeth) hee hee

    i love the fact that frida travels the world with you. i wonder if ms. yoborobo realizes how much joy and companionship she provides to the world at large? frida looks pretty comfy, don't you think so, marianne? but i thought she was pushy when she stuck her finger in my cappuccino .

    ps the photo of brant park and the cactus is super

    pas what? it was a week ago?

    pas again? oh yes! just a matter of when :^)

    1. Maybe this is one of Ms. Yoborobo's most traveled around creatures?!
      Yes one week......:(
      I wonder when we will do it again......

  11. oh what a magical trip marianne!
    thank you for sharing it with us!

  12. Lovely to see all your photos!


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