Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Animal Wednesday / New Fawn

Here is our new fawn, just 3 days old. She is still in hiding a lot
 Yesterday we went to the woods with Marja and Baron and my Koekie and Droppie
 yes we are all listening :)
 Too bad this tree was in the way but I like the picture anyhow.
 here are mother and child and auntie (in the front) who is also pregnant and will get a baby of her own soon.
 In the meanwhile she is also being sweet to the little one.
Isn't he or she cute?!!!

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. You bet this is a sweet baby. It makes you want to give it a big hug. Your doggies are cute too. Love the picture of Baron leaping through the magic. HAW.

  2. Aw, so sweet. I have not seen any babies around here yet but my neighbor has.
    I LOVE the dog behind the tree. Awesome shot.

  3. very sweet. love the little spots. dont have that kind of deer here. yes, to dog leap photo. way to go.

  4. That Fawn!!!! So magical...and soon, there will be TWO! I feel that you DO live in a *magical kingdom*...although your *Dark Prince* is not there....his spirit is...(those feathers we spoke about say it all...)...and all your other Furry Ones bring a sense of joy to your home. Marja is so wonderful...and oh that Baron!!!! I am always glad when you get together.... you ARE Zusters!!!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Oh what a darling baby. We haven't seen any babies here yet but I have seen a pregnant doe. In fact I have not seen any deer lately so they must be in hiding having their little ones. Love love love that pix of Baron flying thru the air behind the tree.. you couldn't have done that if you had planned it. :))HAW

  6. What a sweet little fawn!!! I love the picture you got of Baron leaping behind the cool of a shot was this???? Very cool.

    My brother and his wife just got a little doggy like your white baby! I read back and saw that Koekie is a shih tzu...and my brothers dog is a Maltipoo??? I will email you a picture!!!

  7. that shot of baron is incredible! wow can he leap! it must be such a joy to watch him play and romp.

    congratulations on your new addition. you must have so many deep feelings....


  8. how lovely that baby fawn is - so darling! and like everyone else, I love the pic of Baron flying thru the tree - very magical. Happy Animal Wednesday and yes...I am also thinking about your Sjimmie today.

  9. Ooooo! Lucky Baron! I could show him how to chase a thing or two in the forest..I'm professional now! Lovely photos x Ridgeback Zola xx


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