Friday, June 22, 2012

My new studio

 Finally the before and after pictures :)
 here is where the door will be and the garage door still in place 

 Work in progress 

New window
old paint
DH working
The outside is still not finished but I am waiting for better weather and energy ;)
 A clean slate :)
 My stained glass window
 My grandmothers embroidery finally got a place in my house
 Lots of light
 from both sides
 Flowers and good company (Minoes)
 I am happy with the way it turned out
Frida in my zen corner
 A sliding door from the living room (Minoes on my desk)
 Spookje investigating
3 in a bed:) (Koekie, Droppie and Sarah)

I am happy with my new studio.
My holiday is nearly over and all is done except some painting on the outside.
I have been tired all week  from working, being ill at the same time, all the emotions of taking care of Sjimmie  and finally losing him.
I still have a few days before I start working Monday.
I will soon start a commissioned mandala, but next week will be busy as well. Felix last school week and Lars will get his diploma the day I return from Beijing.The whole week will be filled with mostly nice things.
Lars will travel to Czech Republic and Hungary the first of July and after that we have to decide on his next education and he will probably leave home in August / September. So I guess a busy period ahead again.
But all renovations and remodeling are done now and the rest of the year I wont start any new things, just enjoy my studio the house and my  `new` garden.

Hope you will all enjoy a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Your new studio is a dream Marianne. I wish I could could come sit with you in your Zen corner, have a cup of tea then take one of your classes to make a mandala. You will have even more to look forward to when you return from your next trip. Good for you.

  2. Oh Marianne, this is such a sacred space. I know it is a dream come true!

    I love seeing your animals surrounding you, Sjimmie is there in spirit. You know that.♥

    I will be catching up all day for being without internet for a week. Hopefully we can talk this weekend.

    Love you and miss you!


  3. Your studio is like entering a dream, a cloud...a sacred and magical place. Lo is right - Sjimmie's spirit IS there...and will always be.

    I love seeing the Furry Girls all together asleep...they feel at home there...and I believe they sense Sjimmie's spirit too.

    You should be so proud of made your dream a reality! I am proud of you. I am proud of both Felix and Lars too.... the *Boys* are growing up to be fine, young men!

    Sending many hugs and love to all....

    Hope we talk before you fly to China....if not, we will see each other soon!


    Your SF Zus,

    ♥ R ♥

  4. It's gorgeous Marianne - just wonderful. It looks peaceful and calming and a great place to escape to and dream, paint, think, draw, enjoy. I just love it.

    Relax a bit if you can - you deserve it

  5. Wow.. it all looks wonderful and you do have a full house as you said critter wise. They will all fill up the space. What a lovely room to work in. You have been busy with this house but now the fun of using it begins. I didn't realize you had two Sons. Hope your next trip isn't to long so you can really get to using this dream studio.

  6. Oh and I forgot to mention. We had a Himalayan cat years ago that looked just like your cat. We called her Smokey. Amazing how close a match.

  7. Marriane! Your new studio is just beautiful! I love the color you painted it and all the light streaming in! Your stained glass window is so pretty! The dogs all together in that one bed is sooooo cute!!! I hope you are all well before getting back to work. Good luck to Lars on his next school adventure...hope he has nice summer travels! Take it easy, Marianne!
    xoxo- Julie

  8. Oh, I love the color of your new studio! And the light! I am green with envy. :)) It looks like such a peaceful space. I hope you get some time to rest and recoup from all that has been going on in your life. xox!

  9. oh marianne how completely wonderful, a space of your own. a beautiful BEAUTIFUL space. i love it all, the colors you chose (so beachy)and the order and peace it exudes. i can imagine how happy you feel. enjoy it all. xxx

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  11. Hi there,
    My new studio
    Your ideas in this article are precise! Much appreciation for the information and share! This is a ray of sunshine

  12. Such an creative mind you have. Excellent.

  13. What a delightful new work space so light and so much personal flavor shows through. Congratulations

  14. Good for you! I love how inspiring your studio is. The colors, position of things and the structure itself allows one to think with a clear mind. You did a good job with the windows! Because you allotted a generous amount of space for the windows, you can enjoy a bright atmosphere that would help a lot in keeping your cool at tough times. :D

  15. I think it was a good idea to place your window right beside your door. I’m sure it made your studio a lot brighter inside. Also, it allows you to have a better view of the outside! Good luck with your gardening!


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