Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Animal Wednesday / Sjimmie

 Hi there it is me Sjimmie talking from cat heaven
Remember me when I was little, only 4 years ago?
I was so small my Mom put me in a bread basket.
 My Mom had to keep me warm
and after a day full of adventure I just dozed off
The first time I was allowed outside I went all the way up in this tree.
I had lots of fun in my garden

here I am just being cute :)
 And here I am grown up and King of the castle
 This is Mr. Jingles I dragged him in the house a couple of times and my Mom had a hard time letting him out again. 
I accidentally have played too long with some of them , but it was never my intention to be a bad boy.
Last week I killed a mole because my dad , who didn't think high of me always said I couldn't do him that one favor.
Just before I went to cat heaven I decided to show him I could. It was just that I didn't want it before.
You know cats don't like to follow orders........
I also killed a hoot in my life and that gave me the name of Chicken murderer. Well I thought that was a little exaggerated by my Mom, it was just one hoot.......

Life was always full of adventures. Here I met a new cat, my Mom got for her birthday a few years ago. I was happy to find out he couldn't move.
At Halloween.  I always loved to help decorating 
and to take the decorations down. Most of the time too early according to my Mom.

 What my Mom admired most about me was the ability to be totally relaxed
and I must admit it was an art I mastered very well.
 My Mom pictured me in this spot in her new studio.
In the sun, overlooking my kingdom. But unfortunately I couldn't overcome what was wrong with me the last 14 days......

My Mom buried me yesterday in this beautiful sunny spot
She wanted to pick a Buddleja for me and I guided her to pick the perfect one: called Black Knight.

My life was short but good.
I know I will be missed, but new adventures are waiting for me across the rainbow bridge.

Happy Animal Wednesday :)


  1. i love your beautiful painting of sjimmie in heaven. and all these lovely photos and walks down memory lane. my heart feels so sad to say goodbye to sjimmie. he was special. most poignant is the photo of the empty spot in the studio window. sob sob. goodbye sjimmie.

    1. Thanks Suki. Also for your comment on my last post.
      yes Sjimmie was special to us. And I am sad the spot I had in mind will be empty.....

  2. OMG you know how sometimes we say we are crying when we really mean we are reading something that could make us cry?

    well i am crying. this is an incredible tribute. i had not seen sjimmie as a kitten, and the empty spot in your studio was just too heartwarming.

    marianne, no family member could be better honored.

    thank you, i know you and sjimmie will meet again.


    1. I hope we will meet again. You know I am not so convinced about the here after, but I would like to believe what you told me in your mail ;)

  3. What a lovely and touching tribute to Sjimmie. He knew he was well loved. So sad he was only four. At least our cat was 14.. but still it wasn't easy at 14..Thanks for letting us know more about him. My heart goes out to you. May he rest in peace. :)

    1. It is never easy but somehow I can accept it better when they are old. Well and 14 is a good age but not really old, a bit too young to loose them.
      Thanks Chris for your kind words :)

  4. I can't even talk, I am crying too hard. Just a beautiful beautiful tribute to this wonderful cat. I know he is happy in cat heaven and already ruling the roost.

    Hugs and more hugs

    1. I know Teri he had a special place in your heart too!
      I guess he is friends with Sunshine now :)
      Today while I was moving things and putting order in everything I found a little bag with 2 feathers of Sunshine, I was so happy and sad at the same time to find them......
      It is hard to loose your pet when you know they still could have had a long life ahead of them..........
      Thanks for caring and hugs back to you♥

  5. I know this must have been a hard post to do. He sure was a beautiful kitty!!! I am so sorry for your loss, Marianne! Sweet tribute to your own little black knight!!!
    Take care of yourself!
    xoxo- Julie

    1. Thanks Julie, in fact this post helped me a little and I love the support from my friends ;)
      He was part of my blog so I had to let everyone know also

  6. Now I'm crying all over again. What a life taken too soon. I think he is being a boss on the other side of the bridge now. He's an old soul helping others not to fear the other side.
    The empty windowsill breaks my heart, but how wonderful he's right across from the window.

    You know how sorry I am. Sometimes life is so unfair.

    Big hugs and lots of love to all of you.


    1. Thanks dear and thanks for calling me, you are such a dear friend ♥
      It is so much more quiet in the house without him around....... I miss him

  7. oh my an incredible post. how beautiful you made this marianne, i love all the photos of sjimmie. it's hard to think of this, but your tribute makes it so much easier and sweet even. wonderful memories to hold close to your heart.

    1. Thanks Lori♥
      What would we be without pictures?
      Of course we have memories in our head but I love these visual memories as well.......

  8. oh Marianne - I'm SO sad to read this. I loved seeing him and loved remembering him as such an adorable baby. I'm devastated for you....and will be thinking of you both. this is a lovely lovely tribute to an adorable, lovable, wonderful kitty

  9. Oh Marianne!!! my heart just sank....I am so sorry that your sweet Sjimmie has joined his friends in heaven....I know that he had the most amazing life with you and in the end that is all that matters!!! I think this was the sweetest and most heartfelt tribute....bless you !!!

    1. Thanks Diana. And yes he was with me only short, but he had a wonderful life. That is a small comfort

  10. Oh, Marianne, I am so sorry to hear about sjimmie. What a sweet and funny kitty he was. Sending you lots of hugs - xoxox Pam

  11. I am so sorry to hear about Sjimmie. He would be very proud of the sweet tribute you have written here for him. Your sketch is quite beautiful too. Big hugs.

  12. Marianne, I missed this post. I am so sorry and so sad. Sjimmie will be missed! What a wonderful boy.
    Big hugs and loads of love.xoxo

  13. I sound like a broken record....but, I really am crying again...we all loved Sjimmie...felt we knew him as *ours*....I loved him..loved to watch him via Skype...loved hearing about his adventures....even the Mr. Jingles one - and the one about the Mole...

    Those amazing Saucer Eyes!!! He was soooooo tiny as a kitten...and he grew into this sleek, shiny *Panther* of a cat...

    His beauty was remarkable....but what I loved most about *PoD* was his spirit....his strength...his *coolness*...he personified everything a cat should be. I told you before that photo of Sjimmie in front of the two towers won my heart! He was - and always will be *King of the Castle*....he rests now right where he should be...close to his Kingdom - and to you...

    The empty spot in the new studio... know how it affects me...but, I will keep the image of him in the studio too...weakening...but permeating the studio with his royal presence... that will also remain...he blessed the studio before he left. I believe it. I believe he has met Sunshine and all the beloved creatures who have passed before...and I believe you WILL meet again...

    Love and Love and More Love,

    ♥ Robin ♥


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