Thursday, July 12, 2012

Animal Wednesday on Thursday / and SF

I had planned an AW post yesterday but I didn't have time to finish it.
Here is my little crow. Lately 2 of these are in my garden. I have dozens of jackdaws around but these are new to me. Welcome dear ones!
Is it a crow Lo?
Finally this morning I saw the new fawn, which was born on Sunday, the day I flew back from SF.
He or she is still shy and is in the shed most of the time
The other one however is in the yard now a lot
Tuesday our granddaughter Josje came for a visit and apparently Minoes doesnt know what small children are about. She just sat there and watched her. 

And then pictures of my visit to SF and Robin:
she sent me her pictures and asked to do a post with them so here they are :)
 Hi its me again.........Robin :)
 We had a small late birthday celebration. 
 My point of view

 Robins point of view
A lovely sunny day in SF
 Always animals in the neighborhood

In the hotel at breakfast with our favorite waiter Maynard, he always remembers us every time we come 
 In Macy's where we always bring special deliveries ;) to the post office.
I liked the display of all these colored lamps and Robin took this picture of me.
It was a short visit but good to see each other again.
How lucky my job brings me to San Francisco every now and then. 
I wish I could add some destinations to my company's network.......

Have a nice day:)


  1. That lucky Robin getting to visit with you so often. Your Granddaughter is darling as are the fawns. Your life is full of blessings. HAW too.

    1. Yes we are lucky, wish I could visit more cities.....
      Indeed life is full of blessings♥ You are one of them dear!

  2. the deer and fawns are so sweet. and your granddaughter....looks just like you! how lucky you are. and lucky too to find a sunny day in SF and visit with Robin again. YOu two seem to have such fun.

  3. We did Suki and we were also lucky with the weather :) The have a sunny and reasonable warm day in the mini winter.

  4. What an absolutely delightful post! Your visit with Robin (she and you are so lucky to meet and enjoy), your deer and crows and that beautiful grand!
    Hey, love your dress!!!

  5. Bambi I and II are so adorable! What a perfect late-birthday gift for you! "Papa" Deer did a GREAT job!

    Minoes (aka Bliss' Twin) looks so wonderful next to Josje...they both seem very curious about each other!

    Thank goodness for cameras....otherwise it would seem like we really didn't meet again in SF! Those 24 hours speed by, don't they? And..yes, we know the Macy*s Post Office really well... a-ha-ha!

    You took the Sunshine with you....the *Mini-Winter* now reigns supreme in SF....

    Sorry about the tennis tournament....I had my fingers crossed!!!


    ♥ R ♥

    1. Yes Bassie is the best!
      Minoes looks a lot like Bliss I agree and both such gentle spirits!
      Looks like a mini winter here too ... :( We had sunshine here today but temps much too cold :(
      You had to have a lot of fingers to cross to let me win......... hahaha.
      I played well last night but they were too good.

  6. That looks like a crow to me from what I can see of it. They are very much in abundance where I live.
    The fawn is adorable. We saw lots of those on our recent jaunt to Oregon too. So sweet.
    And your grand daughter is the most adorable of all. Pretty kitty too.
    So glad you and Robin get to gether in SF. I laugh that you can do this so easily and she and I live an hour away but haven't made this happen yet. Silly us.
    I love what you were wearing and Robins shot of the glass of sangria? was it?

    1. Josje is indeed adorable!
      One hour Lynn that is almost nothing..........
      Make it happen Lynn!
      Otherwise in the winter schedule we plan something with the 3 of us.
      Thanks I love that tunic too my own mandala dress ;)
      Robin was having a pomegranate mojito :)

  7. What fun! I would have to say that my favorite would be "your point of view"
    Thanks for sharing and hope all is well,

    1. Thanks Lisa. All is well here. Hope you are doing fine too!

    2. I was saddened to hear about the loss of your beloved pet. We recently lost our 13-yr old lab, so I understand completely the hole that they leave in their passing. Sending you many warm thoughts and hugs across the miles.

  8. I was wondering if you would get to see Robin. Silly me.. lol How fun you get to visit even if it is short. Cute fawn. Do they live in that shed? Cute Grand Daughter too.

  9. I was smiling all the way through this post! I want that top you have on. I think it would hide a lot of things on me!! hahahaha! You look beautiful and so does Robin.

    I think that's your version of a crow in Europe. I'll try to find out for you. I still think it's me visiting you any way I can :)

    I love the pic of Minoes and Josje. It is Bliss's twin! I'm not sure Bliss would be so nice to to the baby though :/

    Always so nice to "see" you! I wish your company would fly you into Providence or Boston. Lets' work on that!


  10. So good to see of your visit with Robin - I have not gotten to know her as well, but she seems like a lovely person to know. I love your deer - when I first saw them I thought they were wild, now I see they are pets. Are they friendly with people? Can you pet them? What happens when they grow up?

  11. It really is a blessing that your company flies to California...let alone SF!!! You guys always have so much fun!!! Love your dress, Marianne...and your cute haircut! Somehow looking like a 60's girl...and I hear a song in my brain..."These boots are made for walkin....."

    Beautiful visit for you guys!

  12. what a fun post marianne! i LOVE the deer, how sweet that little one is. and your beautiful granddaughter, what a doll.
    you and robin look like your having so much fun, you certainly made the most of your time together.

  13. ooh la la, marianne, that dress is awesome. you are super cool in it.

    i love reading how exciting it is to everyone to know that you and robin (aka any two true blue blog friends) can meet like this. we are already "known" to our friends here, but meeting and having fun is pure icing on a red velvet cake :^)

    i would add hartford to your flight list. i wish :^)


  14. oh what a wonderful post Marianne!!!! I love all of your photos...but your cute little granddaughter Josje is the sweetest!!!

    Hope you have a super amazing day and thank you so much for the Birthday wishes for Cole!!!!



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