Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Animal Wednesday / young ones and old ladies

 Hi it´s me Bambi, I am a little more than 2 weeks old now :)
 Such a cutie. It just warms your heart to see her (I think it is a she)
Mother #2 is still pregnant.......
 A full house :) It is hard to believe I just have 5 pets left... (Spook isn't in the picture)
I lost 3 cats in one year (2 old ladies and 1 young man).
 A heron on my fence. He discovered my fish again :(
Yesterday my neighbors cat went in my tree and threw 3 baby song thrush out.
I tried to put them back in the nest but they fell out again. We drove them to a bird rescue on our island.
When I came home I found another one so we drove one more time. My DH took this picture with his cell phone just before I got out of the car. I held the bird in my hands because that made him relax and it kept him warm.
That is no poo poo on my thumb but some mud that got stuck in his throat which I took out for him.
You have to enlarge the picture to see those cute feathers on the side of his head.
I felt bad the kids got separated from their parents. But the people at the rescue center already had a warm nest and special food ready for them, so I hope they will survive and that the parents will forget this tragedy soon.

Happy Animal Wednesday:)


  1. Bambi is so cute. We had a terrible storm rip through here a couple of days ago. Some birds lost their nests. I found babies on the ground but the parents were watching over them. I hope they survive this crazy weather and feral cats. HAW.

    1. Oh that is terrible Lisa! I hope they will be OK too!
      I cant seem to visit your blog...... :(
      What is the matter with blogger?

  2. Oh the poor little things -I'm so glad you could rescue them. I like his funny little scrunched up look.
    Bambi is adorable and so clean and lovely looking...not like the scruffy deer around here that eat my hosta!

    1. Isn't bambi cute ?! I can see him/her now just outside my window in the yard . He is not hiding anymore :)

  3. This post could be my favorite of the year!

    You are a gem, Marianne. Rescuing and living babies. And the snuggles together: that is amazing to me!

    With love love love

  4. Oh how cute is that baby fawn. I haven't seen any around here yet. I love those spots on them. How kind of you to drive not once but twice to save those poor baby birds. I am sure they will be fine now. They know how to care for them at those places. Bad cat!!! you only have five pets left? That's a lot still but sad to have lost any.

    1. Before we had to drive to the next island so I am very happy with this solution.
      I am very happy my husband drove twice without protesting. He is a sweetheart!
      And yes 5 is a lot but they are all old Sjimmie brought so much life in our household.......

  5. I just enlarged the photos.. ADORABLE those pets of yours all curled up in one bed. and that Blue Heron is a fantastic shot too.

  6. We have a blue heron that shops in our little fish pond, too. Your deer are so cute, as are your snuggling fur-critters. How lovely that you saved the chicks and found help for them. You are a nice person!! xo


    marianne. go here please: this is chrisy's blog and I think you will enjoy her tribute to frida.

    happy birthday ♥

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That was one lovely post KJ!!!

  8. Good thing you did here! Lucky babies!!! I'm glad you had a place that would help....not so easy here for us. No place here will take wild birds, sadly!

    1. I have raised a sparrow once fallen out of the nest but that was at my parents place and we didnt have cats. Here it would be impossible. Besides I have to fly this weekend I cant learn them to fly here with the 3 cats around..... It is a lot of work too, makes you respect bird mothers :)
      Respect for people who run these rescues here too!

  9. How did I miss this wonderful post? TOO MUCH OPERA! A-ha-ha!

    Ooooooh....Bambi....those ears, that nose..those sweet eyes... those lovely spots - just like Mum...
    I know waking up and seeing her face would always start my day with a smile.... Here's hoping #2 will come along soon! (But not on the weekend!)

    I love the photo of the Furry Ones - all asleep together...but even from SF, I feel the emptiness without *PoD*...he DID add a different mix of energy.....I know you miss him...

    Chris always calls me *St. Francine* for rescuing furry and fuzzy ones....but I think I am gong to call you this too! How great to think you (and Germaine.....HUGE HUGs to him for making that second drive with you) have given those adorable babies a chance to survive! I love the little *Punk-Rock Feathers* on the head of that little Thrush!

    I, too, have great respect and admiration for all the wonderful people world-wide who are always there to help injured creatures. They are real Angels!

    Fog (sigh) has returned.....but I am hoping for a warmer and brighter weekend.....

    See you SOON!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Oh, bambi!!! I need her in my yard :)

    You did a wonderful thing for the baby birds. Too bad for the parents, but it sounds like they wouldn't have made it there. It's nice that you have a place to take them. We don't here. They get too many and have to turn most away.

    Tell Mr. Heron to leave your fish alone. Go eat somewhere else!

    I think right now you're in SF. We'll talk tonight!



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