Saturday, July 28, 2012

Time for a give away :)

 Time for a give away :)
 Untitled but for you to give it a name
20 x 20 cm / 7.87 x 7.87 inch (acrylic on canvas)

I have so little to tell or show lately......
This week Summer finally arrived and I was home to enjoy every minute of it.
I am working on a mandala which I can´t show yet and re-created a mandala for a sad occasion.
A dear friend of mine asked me if she could use one of my mandalas for her memorial service.
She has been diagnosed with lung cancer and thinks she will not live very long. I am completely devastated by this news.
Today I have been packing for Monday. I will travel to LA and I will try to take my DH and Felix with me.
The deer are doing well but one of my cats probably has cancer and when she is not doing any better next week I will have to let her go.
Sh....... cancer and death is surrounding me at this moment. We all know all about this. A horrible disease which sometimes comes very close. I am trying hard to keep my spirits high......but in fact I am feeling quite low at times.
I am also grateful for all the good things in my life.
Life with all its highs and lows.

Well back to my give away, If you want to be in the hat, all you have to do is  to leave a comment and think of a title for this painting and to like my mandala page on Facebook :)
When I return from LA I will pick a winner out of the hat. So you have 6 days:)

Have a nice day:)


  1. Hi Marianne,

    Your painting is gorgeous....and what an honor that your friend requested your art for her memorial sad to hear about your friend.....sending prayers to her and all that are touched by her....

  2. Oh how sad about your other kitty. My neighbor with the ducks and chickens had to put her Gray cat down a week or so ago. Since we baby sat the cat and it was so sweet, I am sad too. So sorry to hear about your Friend too. Hope you all get to go to LA to take your mind off of things for a little while. Hugs to you.

  3. Marianne, how else could you feel? That is too much saf news in too short a time . Letting go of a loved animal is one of the saddest experiences

    I know that you know the sun will rise again , but wn you need to lean into love, your friends and your family will hs you strong


    1. Ah spellcheck .i mean 'hold you strong'


  4. I love your painting...and would call it " Surrounded by LOVE". I am not a member of cannot leave a "like" there. I am so sorry for your bad news. Please take care....enjoy LA. Glad you can take hubby and Felix. I sure love California...a place for renewed hope. We all love you!!!!

  5. oh marianne - bad things always seem to come in bunches. I'm sorry about the cat and very sorry about your friend, but she is amazing and brave to ask you for your wonderful artwork for her memorial service. what an honor for you.

    I would call your painting "Standing Tall" - it makes me think of you,

    Have fun in LA - enjoy!

  6. oh so sad, i'm sorry to hear this news. it is just not fair.
    your painting is gorgeous marianne. i love the colors, the size, the touch of gold. i'd call it 'united'. it's stunning.
    have fun in l.a., if you find yourself coming up this way please send me an email, i'll be your personal tour guide!

    (i would like your painting page if i had facebook)

  7. I'm sorry I missed your giveaway - I've been away from blogland for awhile myself. Too busy with all that life is throwing my way. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend - cancer is such an ugly thing in life. It seems like I keep hearing that word more and more. I would like it to just go away forever! I'm sorry about your cats is always so hard to love pets and then have to make those tough decisions for them. But I wouldn't miss out on all the love and time spent with them either.


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