Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Animal Wednesday and other things :)

 We have had a wonderful week with sunny weather
Spook has checked out some of the cupboards and cabinets as we got a new new one and we moved one so lots to discover. Here I removed a box and....hop she is in it
Our new cabinet (yes inspected by Spook)
So I moved this one across the room as I didn't want them next to each other.
 Trumpet flower in bloom outside my studio window, the only plant I took with me from my old home.
 I took him with us because it was a young plant and I thought he could handle the move.
 We enjoyed a bike ride along the water Sunday
 Stopped at a nice restaurant and had Iced coffee
 My new bike. Behind me the Oosterschelde (the water) and the Zeelandbrug (the bridge) which is 3,2 miles long and connects our island with the next.
 The little deer are growing as cabbage.
 They are friends
 They are so cute!
Felix came home yesterday with flowers!
Now what a sight for a sore eye was that :)

Our eldest is in Delft where there is an introduction week for the new students.
He is enjoying himself a lot. he was supposed to be there 3 days but now he will be there 8! I hope he find a store to buy new underwear.....
Soon he will be living on his own. So we will be busy moving him. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer

Happy Animal Wednesday !


  1. I love the shot of you driving with the dogs - it looks like a lovely ride. and those fawns are so adorable and still spotted! I wonder how long they retain their spots?

    I also love the way cats always have to check things out - like boxes. I always wonder what they're thinking - do they think one box is different from another?

    HAW to you M - and hope all is well

    1. My deer keep their spots only in the winter when they have a different coat they are gone but after they shed their hair in spring the spot return. All is well here.
      A busy time because Lars will start to study.

  2. So much going on in your world Marianne. Your bike path looks like so much fun. The little dogs are sure enjoying their outing. Felix is growing up right before our eyes. Love the trumpet vine too. HAW.

    1. The dogs love their bike taxi rides as I call them. On some places I let them walk for a while so they get their exercise as well.
      I am enjoying the trumpet vine every day now :)

  3. this looks to be a good good week, marianne. i am so glad about that!

    so much of your daily life is in these photos: so much to love and enjoy. felix and the flowers is a charmer. and you and the bike and the ocean and bridge in the background: i can almost feel the breeze.

    cats, fawns, furniture. and.....your studio door. it is awesome!!!

    wishing you another week like this one,
    with love

    1. Still enjoying summer here!
      Next week we will have rain again!
      I think you will ove it here too KJ!

  4. What a wonderful post and pictures. Looks like a nice bike ride too. Love how the dogs lay in the basket and let you do the work. :) Annie would be chomping at the bits to run with us.We also have two twin fawns around here with spots yet. Love seeing them altho they aren't as friendly as yours. HAW

    1. These are in my yard so not in the wild. That's why they are so friendly ;) The spots only disappear in the winter....

  5. What a beautiful post! Oh that Spook! I love how cats MUST explore every new item that comes into the house! She is a beauty!!!She could be Bliss' sister! The new cabinet is gorgeous - I love where you placed it! (and where you moved the other cabinet to...)..And...a-ha-ha - love the Salt and Pepper Shakers! ;)

    The Trumpet I told you, they were my Mother's FAVOURITE (next to Lily of the Valley) wonderful to see them in Zierkizee - and to know you have a connection with them too.

    Koekie and doesn't get any better than seeing those two in the *Marianne Taxi* - ears flapping in the wind!

    The Fawns.... sigh....I am in love with them...I forgot to ask you the other day if you have named them... seeing the four deer, coming to you, like *pets* is such a joy!!!!

    And speaking of JOY... it doesn't get any better than Felix coming home with a bouquet of beautiful flowers for his Mum! Both he and Lars are growing up into wonderful, caring young men!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

    1. The dark is called Hindi , Marja came up with that name.
      Today I saw a trumpet vine and took a picture and had to think of you because I know now they were your mothers favorites ;)

  6. Sorry to be cryptic Marianne - WLG stands for "Water Lily Girls" my latest drawing passion. I'm hoping to do enough pictures to make a book for my little niece Isabella!

    1. Oh how lovely is that!!!!
      Will you publish it??

  7. I just love that picture of your bike basket with your dogs in it. They look so comfy! :) Lots of changes at your house! You sound like you are rolling with all of them - which is good! Happy rest of summer - xoxo

  8. Gorgeous! So jealous of those lovely blooms, as mine are all past... need to go out and find some autumn plants to add more color to the yard.
    Thanks for your lovely share and visit. :)

  9. Great post, Marianne. That shot of you by the water is fantastic. I love your new bike. I kind of wish I had one, but I don't think I would ride much around here. Very hilly.
    Love your animals and your thoughtful son.

  10. Such a delightful post. So full of color and love.

  11. This entire post makes me smile from ear to ear!!!

    What a beautiful place you live in. I love the dogs in the bike basket!! Emma would be terrified probably ;P

    Trumpet vines are wonderful. Hummingbirds love them♥

    The deer ARE growing like cabbage!

    And so is Felix. What a dear boy he is to bring flowers. Give him a hug fro me!

    And Lars, growing up so fast. You have 2 wonderful sons.

    I know one day I'll be in your studio with you. I hope!

    Love you, miss you!

  12. What a great post, full of joy. Lars is growing ups so beautifully now, and there are my Koekie and Droppie, hello skatties! Now that my computer has stopped behaving like a spoilt brat, I can come and visit you again more often. Liefs en wfs.

  13. It's always hard when the kids grow up and leave home, but it feels good to know you did a good job and they are ready to be on their own. Felix is a sweetie - flowers for Mom! Love the little fawns, you have such beauty in your area.


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