Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a blue moon..........

Today there will be a second full moon this month, which is called a blue moon.
Read all about it in this article.

Hope you get to see him tonight and experience the magic.
Here it is rainy windy and cold since yesterday.
Yesterday I realized summer was really over. Although we haven't had a real summer here......
I have been in Montreal and after an easy day yesterday I will be busy today and tomorrow. Today I will go to Rotterdam and take my Mom shopping and will have lunch with Marja and her Dad.
Tomorrow I will have 6 people over to eat mussels , so busy busy busy. But with fun things.

Hope you are all doing fine.
Happy Blue Moon :)


  1. Your moon mandala is beautiful Marianne. I doubt we will be able to see the moon tonight as it is supposed to start raining this afternoon and continue into tomorrow. I am looking forward to the rain. I did see the moon last night. It was quite beautiful. Have a great weekend. It sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned.

    1. It was Lisa :) Now today we will have a quiet day. Looking forward to just relax....

  2. OMG is this for sale? marianne, this is gorgeous. i would like to buy it if available :^)

    i am in provincetown last night the moon over the bay was nothing short of magical. it reflected onto the water much like the color of your mandala.

    i am glad to hear your schedule is busy but full with family and friends (hello marja!) and mussels. you are a blue moon yourself, my friend ♥


    1. My lunch with Marja was great. Good to see her again and her father. My Mom enjoyed seeing her old neighbour and Marja again as well.
      Sorry but I looked and I don't have the moon around anymore :( But I can always make a new one.......
      Yesterday evening was the mussel party, which was wonderful too. today we will just relax :)

  3. Dis fantasties en pragtig ook. Wfs en soenjies.

  4. I saw the Blue Moon last night and it was lovely, but not as lovely as your mandala.

    a feast of mussels sounds awesome! i could eat a barrel full of those little things - especially with garlic and some good bread to soak it up with - yum.

    1. The mussels were great . Normally I prepare them the traditional way from here (Zeeland, the province where I live) but yesterday I prepared them in a Thai way, which was very good! We all loved it. I like them that way far better :) Well we had french bread and home made garlic butter ;)

  5. I missed the blue moon. We had clear nights right up until Friday, then it clouded over. Darn! I was watching for it, too. It's still hot and muggy here. We are hoping to get some remnants of Isaac, but not yet. Maybe tomorrow.
    Enjoy your weekend!


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