Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Animal Wednesday / LA and home again

 Picture taken at Venice beach. The trip went well and Germain and Felix came along. the weather was sunny and not too hot.
 This bird was outside my hotel window just when I was about to write a card to my dear friend Lo. Think she sensed it :)
 This sweet dog was outside  "le pain quotidien", on  where we had breakfast. I had breakfast here in NY with Lo, KJ and JB. A lovely place!
These duck found their swimming pool empty outside the hotel lobby, but they made the best of the situation
Home again. The little deer are doing well and are growing as cabbage. 
Yesterday these cute girls were feeding the deer and I invited them in to give them bread.
I am trying to let the fawns get used to people around.
I am still not sure if they are girls or boys..... The little one is very curious and always in front.

I came home Friday and I was very tired for a few days. Time flies and I don't have the feeling I do much, like I am a little stuck.......I also feel I get a cold. My throat is aching and I don't have much energy. I haven't been blogging much lately but I hope soon all will be back to normal.

We let Sarah put to sleep. She had cancer in her jawbone. A difficult decision for me.
All of a sudden we have 2 cats left while we always had 6. I lost 3 old ladies and my Sjimmie this last year.
My friend called Monday to congratulate my son Lars with his 18th birthday. She told me she got married that morning. Her partner always said he would marry her when he turned 40 but now they think she won't be around when he does. I know that she will always be in my mind every 6th of August (and of course many more days) 
Life as it is with beautiful wonderful things and moments and sometimes just plain awful ones.
But we must celebrate life while we can and make every moment count. 
Tell people you love them while you still can. Hug them :)
I did yesterday  when I visited my friend and gave her a foot massage and we  kissed hugged and had fun.

But now..................

The little painting goes to Chris (Artist in Oregon) who was picked out of the hat.
Hope you will like it.
Please send me your adress Chris and I will send it  next week.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week:)
Don't forget to congratulate KJ today! Love you dear! Happy Bday!


  1. OMGOSH.. I won your painting?? Wow.. thank you.
    I will send you my address if I can find your email address. Loved seeing all your animals, but those deer are adorable. Are they pets or just friendly critters around there? I have been trying to get pix of the twin babies around here. I love those spots but they are fast critters darting out of sight as I snap their photo. :) Glad you had a lovely trip with your family but still So Sorry about your Friend.

    1. The deer are in my front yard. They were here when we bought this house, nine years ago. meanwhile these are other girls.
      Right now I am trying to make those little ones tame , when they are girls maybe we keep them.

  2. I am so sorry for your losses this year, Marianne. It has not been a good one here either...sadly. I agree with enjoying life and celebrating every moment here!!! We just got home from Louisiana and I feel the same...tired and sort of half sick! Take care of yourself!!!
    xoxo- Julie

    1. thanks Julie. Yes we all have to deal with these things in life. Doesn't make it any easier though. But sometimes you have these periods when you have to deal with a little much. But I guess that is also the age we are in.
      Meanwhile I also try to be consious of all the good that is surrounding me and am enjoying that in a grateful way :)
      Glad you have been on a trip again dear, I suppose with the grands?
      Have to visit your blog and see what I ahve been missing.............

  3. So sorry to hear about your loss. Your home must feel a little more empty with your kitties dieing. Luckily you have these sweet fawns to watch. They are growing fast and are quite large now. Big hugs to you. I hope you get to feeling better.

    1. The cold is just a bronchitis. The house feels empty..... but indeed the little fawns are such a joy! These last 2 days are nice sunny and warm just what I needed too.

  4. Dearest M~

    Your loses have been too many this year, and now soon you'll lose another dear friend much before her time. My heart aches for you.

    You did the right, kind thing for Sarah. Her pain would have turned to suffering soon. Please don't second guess yourself. You only have kindness in you, even toward snails ;)

    Take care of yourself. Don't let yourself get run down. And take it easy about the tournament you'll be playing. It's only a game.

    I loved seeing the crow whose feather ended up on one of my presents! I like to check on you no matter where you are. it's my way!

    We'll talk soon. I still have to figure out Skype.

    love you, miss you!


    1. Wasn't that cool that crow! I mentioned it in my card I think :)
      Hope to talk to you soon and hope you are enjoying a wonderful mini holiday dear!

  5. dear marianne,

    i am so sorry to hear about your friend and so bittersweet glad that she and her partner were married. i think we learn to 'seize the day' each time we are reminded that time is a precious commodity.

    please care for yourself! i get run down often because i juggle so much and when i do that i often get sick. your travel schedule is its own juggle. and with family often a vacation is a juggle too.

    now: about my birthday. marianne, your gifts are so so sweet. hearing your voice is always a treat and that jib jab: i am with my grandsons and we laughed our heads off. too too funny. thank you so much: you are a dear friend and i ♥ you.

    take care. i mean it!


  6. Such sadness and, also happiness in your life. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers Marianne.
    Take care and lots of hugs.

    ps, I have been on Venice Beach so it was fun to see your photos.

  7. Oh my, it's a lot to manage thru all these trials. I'm so sorry about Sarah but I agree with Lo, you have done the right and loving thing. And your friend, well my heart goes out to you all. Hard times sometime make it more difficult to remember the good times.

  8. My computer seized up and wouldn't let me type more in the last comment.

    Anyway, I hope you feel better and get your energy back soon. It's completely normal to feel unenergized when things are sad and tough

    But I'm so glad you had a good trip to LA. Hope you can get to fly to Boston some day!!

  9. oh how super sweet!!!! looks and sounds like you had a super trip and a wonderful time at home!!! The deer are so super sweet!!!!

  10. Dear Zuster, sometimes it seems like all of Life's dark moments descend on have felt this these past few months....too much loss... Sarah was such a pretty girl...but I am echoing Lo and did the right thing for her. I continue to say prayers for your friend.....

    This darkness will pass and some sparkling, wonderful bright moments will enter your life soon...

    It sounds like you, Germain and Felix did have a great time in LA! Wonderful photos..I particularly like the one of the Ducks in the Pool

    The Deer......oh, the sweet, so adorable!!! love that their personalities are emerging!

    Miss you....


    ♥ Robin ♥


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