Sunday, December 16, 2012

Farah completed

And here is Farah's mandala completed 

Have a nice week :)


  1. such beautiful colors. this one feels so delicate and almost "see through" you are muchly talented and so giving to make these mandalas

  2. Simply beautiful. So much heartfelt imagery. The colors drawn in all eyes.

  3. I love the variety of greens and the little parrots are beautiful.

  4. This is lovely! Your mandalas would make a lovely remembrance for kitties passed I think, something so peaceful about them...

    Thanks sooo much for visiting my blog and leaving your thoughful comment...I, too, love the twinkle lights and hope to get the decorations up, and I will be sure to post a video, too, if I do!

  5. it's lovely lovely - delicate and beautiful

  6. It is almost 1am here, but I had to look at one more blog!!!! Glad I did so I could see your completed mandala!!! Beautiful, Marianne!!!!!


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