Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Animal Wednesday

I painted this cow for my friend Marja as a Christmas present. We were in a restaurant and she pointed at a cow on the wall there. Uttered her wish that one day she would like to have a cow painting in her home in France.
So this was a nice challenge for my Wednesday art class.
(nearly finished, I worked some more on the nose and the grass, see picture above)
Although this is out of my comfort zone I enjoyed working on it. Perhaps as it had an animal as subject.
 I was pleased with the way it turned out.

 My brother's tree
Family dinner
 Josje got a Buddha
Felix and Josje.............they were both not feeling well. Felix has a serious cold and Josje had chickenpox :(

I had a nice Christmas with the family on Christmas Eve and yesterday Josje (our granddaughter) came for lunch with her parents.
Today it's 2nd Christmas day here in Holland. But we will just stay home and enjoy being with the 4 of us.
Tried to visit some blogs but half of them won't load.........So that's why I couldn't say merry Christmas to a few of my blog friends :(
I am having a lot of PC problems here lately I have to figure out whether it is our new modem , the connection or my PC....... Have to look into that, but I am not in the mood for that right now.

Hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas. 


  1. i LOVE your cow painting and it's so good to get out of your comfort zone occasionally -
    sorry to hear that there is sickness around, but I hope you have a chance to snuggle down and enjoy the day off with your family. sounds lovely!
    Happy New Year - dear Marianne and best wishes for a wonderful year.

  2. We had a fabulous christmas. Our snow arrived a day late. That is ok because if we had received this much snow we wouldn't have been able to be with our family on christmas day. I hope Felix and Josje are feeling better today. Your cow painting turned out great.

  3. marianne, it's a fabulous cow!! you are very very very talented. even mim says so :^)

    JB and i are snuggled in here today too. jess and mike and the boys left a couple of hours ago and we are delightfully exhausted. i hope felix is feeling better and I hope you get to lounge however you wish.

    i wish you a wonder-full year ahead, marianne. i am envisioning seeing you here or there or somewhere :^)

    love love

  4. Oh, wowzers, Marianne! You are a very versatile artist. Now i feel i need a cow painting! Maybe I will try one too....and see what happens!!! Hehehe.

    Your brothers home looked beautiful.....sounds like you guys had a great Christmas....but i feel for Felix and your cute little granddaughter! Hope they are feeling better by now.

  5. Hello Marianne!!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!! I love the cow painting!!!Cole and I love cows....we just visited a local farmer we know and watched all his sweet!!!! lovely work and your family photos are wonderful!!! Family is the greatest gift!!!!!

  6. love your cow painting...your friend is very lucky!! just trolling blogs. have a great day. betsy in alaska


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