Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Animal Wednesday / Capetown

Went to Capetown for 5 days and I took my brother along

We did the highlights and had a great time.
 I took a lot of pictures but here are the ones with the animals ;) 
 A blesbok
 Ostriches in a farm
 I always love their eyes

 Baboons on our way to Cape Point
 I love them
 They seem so friendly and harmless..........
 My brother thought this was a plastic one, but believe me it was real
 Birds waiting for crumbs to fall,,,,,,,,,,,
 Ostriches in the wild
 Near Cape of good Hope
 Penguins at Simonstown
A lot of them................

We had a lot of fun and we enjoyed Capetown. 
I came home today just in time to post these for Animal Wednesday.
Still tired from a 11.20 hour flight.
So I will go to bed early ;)

Happy Animal Wednesday :)


  1. These are fantastic pictures, Marianne. 'My gosh, you have been all over the world . And it shows: your interest and respect for all people and animals is such a joy to behold :-)

    I would be over the moon watching baboons eat bananas!

    Welcome home! Get your rest!


  2. What a wonderful time you must have had seeing all of those penguins etc. HAW. I hope you are rested now.

  3. wow.. you got some great photos. Love them all but those penguins.. so cool to see so many.HAW and hope you got some sleep.

  4. wild ostrich - i have NEVER seen that -they are amazing. and baboons in the wild - wowee!! i love these photos.

    glad you had a great time with your brother - sounds like a great trip

  5. What a wonderful adventure! And you had your brother along. :) Great pics! I love that I get to travel vicariously through your blog. xox!

  6. What a fantastic trip!!!!!!!

  7. oh wow, cape town! it looks like you had a good day for the cape of good hope! simon's town is one of my favorite places in the world! we've been to cape town a couple times, LOVE the african penguins at boulder's beach. those baboons are fun to watch but so deceptive, they can be very aggressive and dangerous. hope you've enjoyed a good rest now!

  8. so interesting. glad you had a vacation with your brother. and these animals. unique. fun to watch the last video too. thank you for sharing

  9. ps thank you sooo much for ordering my book! you are a deer.

  10. You and your Brother must have had a FABULOUS TIme! The weather....ah....warmth and sun...sigh... the VIEWS - magnificent!
    The Wildlife..... adorable! Your videos are great! All those Penguins....dressed in their *Tuxes* - a-ha-ha! The the wild...the Baboons! I must tell you that while looking at your photos, one of your *drifting Easter Eggs* came down and *landed* in one of the Baboon's paws for a second!!! a-ha-ha!

    I am thrilled you had this time with your brother - and *Mr. Sun*!


    ♥ Your SF Zuster ♥

  11. You've done it again, made me feel homesick. There are days I long for CT specially in this prolonged weather- so glad you had such fun and could share it with your brother too. Lotsa love and wfs my friend. Still hoping you will come round the corner to London one day too.


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