Monday, March 11, 2013

Just a little note to say I am still here..............
Waiting for the end of the winter, which seems soooooo long this year again.
Still very little to show. Working on a new mandala.
The garden is still in rest.
And I am trying to wake up from hibernation.
Can't wait for Spring to arrive.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and that you are enjoying Spring or just like I looking forward to it.


  1. Looking forward to spring for sure. The wind won't give up on winter. UGH... Have a great week...

  2. L♥v this sweet, so wistful.... and the falling Easter Eggs....I know Spring has been a LONG time coming for you..... but....hang's just 'round the corner!


    ♥ R ♥

  3. I know you can hardly wait. So long of snow days to wait. Soon, I know, but still so hard. At least you can fly to warm spots on occasion. ;) love you, and sending warm Florida breezes your way!

  4. its turning to Autumn here. soon it will be wonderful and spring for you . my favourite season!

  5. oh and thanks for sharing that video! its absolutely gorgeous!

  6. It's raining Easter eggs! They are hypnotizing me! lol! I'm very ready for Spring. We are having a gentle rain now, and my daffodils are budding. Lovely video! xox

  7. I can't wait either , Marianne.

    Pam has daffodils? Hope floats! :-)

    Been crazy here. But getting better.


  8. I thought I commented but it appears not! I love that video, very clever and sweet.

    snow still here in my yard, wha wha wha!!!


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