Monday, March 25, 2013


Today I celebrate the birthday of Goedele.
My friend died in December only 48 years young.
I will try not to be sad and really make today a celebration. 
I will always be grateful that she came into our lives. 
She was such an inspiration and still is.

Today I lit my special hummingbird candle for her (a gift from another special friend).
The hummingbird is a symbol of peace, love and happiness.

Hope you all have a hummingbird kind of day :)


  1. Anniversaries of friends that we have lost does bring them back into our minds and lives. I hope you aren't too sad. Big hugs.

  2. it is so meaningful the way you are celebrating the memory of your friend marianne. the mandala is beautiful, i especially love the greenery surrounding it.

    it's raining easter eggs!

  3. lovely that you celebrate your friends life and friendship. the eggs falling down your screen also look like tears. as always your mandala is beautiful.

  4. Like Suki, I thought the eggs falling down felt like tears. This is so beautiful of you to do for your dear friend. I am so sorry for your loss. So young. So hard.
    xoxo- Julie

  5. its a lovely remembrance and what a gorgeous mandala for her. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, she was very young but seemed so wise. take care, hugs to you


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