Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My first attempt

Finally I managed to get a result with this rotoscoping stuff. Got the idea from Quiche. Thanks! Quiche is a real pro at this. You have to see her work; very beautiful. And she wrote a kind of tutorial about it, so check it out! I followed her advice but I ended up trying this technique in Illustrator, because I couldn't get it done with Inkscape (shame on me....). On the internet I found a tutorial by Aaron Sacco Aaron Sacco is a freelance illustrator who recently finished working as an animator on "A Scanner Darkly." He also works as a portrait artist and mural painter in Austin, Texas. Check out more of his work at It took me hours! Also because I'm a bad reader, I don't like reading (I am dyslectic) and I tend to read only half of what's there and start too early, than I make mistakes and in the end I have to read the instructions after all......... Anyhow I think this is fun and I certainly will practise a bit more. I hope that in the future I will be able to make images as beautiful as Quiche does or as the one below, which is awesome, or is it Keanu who is awesome?


  1. Interesting post Marianne. I have no equipment so can't try. I like your self-portrait very much. There is a cartoony feel to such work, I guess. I went to Quiche's blog and read the one post about Louise Brooks. The portrait was beautiful. So thanks for guiding me there. Have fun learning more about your digital computer programs. Suki

  2. I love it! The colours are fabulous, and I love how you are appropriately creating a mandala in the pic! Hope you enjoy Rotoscope. Did you see the Wikipedia article about rotoscoping? Very interesting!

    I'm so glad we are Blogger friends! You are such a nifty soul!

  3. Thanks Quiche!
    yes I enjoy it and I did see the article on rotoscoping! Always when I dive into something I seem to end up at Wikipedia, a site I can loose myself in.
    I'm glad we met too Quiche! Glad to have you as a friend.


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