Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Town

Last night I dreamed I wrote a story for my blog about the town I live in; Zierikzee. So let's make it a predictive dream. I was born and raised in Rotterdam . I have lived half my life in the south of the city. I love Rotterdam and always will. Meanwhile I have lived on Schouwen Duiveland, an island in the province of Zeeland, for more than 20 years. Usually replanting a mature tree isn't such a good idea, but I manage to root here quite well, especially after we moved from a terrible village, where we lived 17 years, to the town nearby. It all started when the white house at the entrance of the harbour of Zierikzee was auctioned. The house needed a thorough renovation and we didn't dare to take the risk. We decided to sell our own house first, which was finally finished after renovating it for 17 years. We sold it within half a year and the world was at our feet again. We looked at houses in Rotterdam also, but Rotterdam was not "my town" any longer. After searching a few months my dreamhouse came for sale. I have driven past this house once and told myself; when this house ever gets on the market I'll buy it! So within one week the deal was made. I live in a lovely house with deer in the front garden and behind the house a stunning view on the Nobelpoort, one of the most beautiful monuments of Zierikzee. I live here now for 4 years and I don't want to go back to Rotterdam ever, although I still love that city. For me my dream came true; my dreamhouse became for sale when we were able to buy it. and Zierikzee is now "my town". links: Rotterdam, Zierikzee


  1. What a lovely story and lovely post. The place looks beautiful. Except for Rotterdam I have never heard of these places.

    I wish everyone could achieve their dream house and dream place to live. How inspiring that you have found yours. Thank you.

  2. I LOVE your house and understand exactly why you fell in love with it. Can we see the inside, too? I have a thing for houses. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. You have a beautiful home! What is Nobelpoort? And I wonder why you have such a high fence? To keep in the deer?

  4. You should post more pictures of the country where you is very beautiful

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