Friday, September 11, 2009

9 11

9 Hearts and 11 Rainbow beams Today I am home, I am thankful for that. Since 2001 I have been home on the 11th of September...... I remember that day driving home and the spot where my husband called me to tell me to put the radio on and that a plane has hit the WTC tower. I listened and couldn't get the picture. Home, I watched tv and watched it for days................ Saw the 2nd plane fly in the second tower. I can't even tell you what I felt then. I cried so many tears and realized this would change my life as it would the lives of so many. I didn't know any of the victims personally , but all these stories, all these images are burned in my memory. This event also changed the way I experience my profession forever. The cockpit door closed forever. Became armored. No more kids allowed there. Intense security measures everywhere I came, sometimes even ridiculous. It changed the way I looked at people and passengers. That year my husband had a serious car accident as well and all kinds of anxieties showed up, like fear of flying and driving a car and I called ill for a while, seriously thinking of changing my profession. I saw a phychologist for a period. I started my work again and healed slowly like the rest of the world but I still have a scar in my heart. This year I didn't plan on being home this day but the universe took care of me (again), I still don't want to fly on this day................ Be safe and may your hearts heal.


  1. What a touching and emotional post with a very, very soothing, beautiful illustration.

  2. A beautiful illustraton to remember the day.

    I can still feel the emotion you felt and bravo to you for continuing your profession. The world is sad.

  3. what a really touching post marianne, we were in Kuwait working there, you can imagine our feelings seeing it. and you are right, the world has never been the same since.quite honestly, i think you are a wonder that you even fly now at all.

  4. I admire you for being brave enough to continue your work. I don't think I could do it.
    But look at the places you go and the people you meet! It's wonderful that you go on with your life in spite of what the terrorists did that fateful day.

    Your mandala is touching. The world should see it.


  5. Very touching post Marianne....Today is one of my best friends Birthday and we always think about this tragedy....thank you for this and I am so happy that you are home safe and sound....


  6. oh my Marianne. YOu are so brave. Such a trauma for everyone. I am glad you have been able to heal and continue on with your work, if that is what you wish.

  7. Ben d'r stil van en dat gebeurt mij niet vaak ;-)
    Wie zei er nou van de week dat ze niet zo'n schrijver was?
    Ja een rare wereld gelukkig zijn er ook nog heel veel goede mensen,houden we ons daar aan vast.
    Lieverd save trip tomorrow.

  8. Beautiful. I felt the same. I am always there where I was in the room when I watched that second plane. I can't stand that the world forgets. It was strange to have to tell the day to my 8 year old son who was 2 months old and can't remember.

  9. oh marianne, i am so glad to know you. your good heart is all over this post. i can feel your generosity and compassion.

    i'm glad you don't fly on 9-11. the day was very close to home for me--literally--and like you i will never forget.

    love to you, marianne.


  10. My heart goes out to you...for all you suffered from 9/11...PTSD anxieties not unexpected from the likes of that tragedy. Coupled with an auto accident must have unsettled you for quite some time. I remember my trepidation about going through GREEN lights after a bad car accident I was involved in years ago now. Took a long time to drive without fear. I'm still a nervous Nelly when DH is driving. I need to be in control. Which is crazy as control was taken from me in that accident. I realize that 9/11 hit you harder than many given your profession.
    Good it's behind us and pray that nothing like it ever happens again.

    There have been shootings this weekend and innocent people dying in the city where my brother lives, which is just down the hill from where my daughter lives. Local terrorists? I hate being scared like this.
    Crazy people?

  11. A huge hug from me to you...That day cracked open so many so many hearts worldwide...Peace.


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