Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#21)

Last week I left for a 6 day trip to Panama and took my son Lars with me!
6 days without internet.
we had a marvelous time! and saw lots of animals.
We enjoyed the Old City
Spotted several picturesque cats. Met this friendly fellow
Saw a lot of birds
Caught a fish
Swam with dolphins
Saw numerous whales
which were all awesome
and impressive
Saw whales and dolphins together
Lots of pelicans
a big lizard
a small one
More whales.............
and came really close! No need to tell I had the time of my life and Lars too! Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. hierdie fotos is 'stunning'. ek kan sien dta jy die tyd van jou lewe gehad ek is soo bly.... welkom weer tuis, gaan dit beter / wanneer is die doktor besoek?laat my weet..
    i hope you are going to join us with our new atc swap after this one is over..and also don't forget you are going to join us with our 'travelling books' this autumn! xxx

  2. Wow dat zijn superfoto's,heerlijk lieverd dat je zulke fijne avonturen met Lars heb beleeft.
    En Felix een fijne verjaardag.
    xxx Marja

  3. Wow dat zijn superfoto's,heerlijk lieverd dat je zulke fijne avonturen met Lars heb beleeft.
    En Felix een fijne verjaardag.
    xxx Marja

  4. Oh my it sounds absolutely fabulous Marianne. Love all those whales, WOW!!!

    Welcome back to reality.


  5. your photo's are so wonderful, what a beautiful area. I was never there, but love it from the look in your photographs.

  6. holy smokes Marianne!!! these are wonderful...what a great collection of photos!!!


  7. What fun! You sure packed a lot of things into those days.

  8. awesome, awesome marianne!

    i loved this post. i love whales


  9. How wonderful that you had a great time bonding with Lars. He is probably getting to that age where they don't like to think they "need" their parents. A good time to be together. I love all of your animal photos. What awesome sights you got to see. HAW.

  10. I am so happy for you and Lars great trip! What a lot of wonderful experiences! I hope Lars will see the world...I'm sure he will with you for his Mom!!!

    I recieved your surprises in the mail yesterday, just posted them! Thanks!!! You made me feel much better when I was down with a cold!!! I really love them both!!!!! Oh yea!

  11. hi marianne!
    oh what a fabulous trip!
    i loved all of your photos!

  12. OH MY!!!!!!!
    I saw whales all the time in California but I never got to see one breaching :(
    You're so lucky!!! And look how close they were. Wow!

    What a wonderful, memory making trip for you and Lars.

  13. Wow!!!!! Klein beetje jaloers ben ik wel ;-) Wat een ervaring! Super.

    Fijn weekend,

    Liefs uit Wissenkerke

  14. What great pics from your trip. I had a friend from Rainbow City, Panama and she was always raving about all the fun she had there. Thanks for sharing with us!

  15. What a mind boggling post Marianne. How lucky you were to see whales and dolphins. When Jim and I went whale watching we didn't see any!! On Saturday we should have gone dolphin watching for my birthday and it was cancelled! We'll have to go to Panama. I love all those cats. You really are a cat fan. It's good to have you back though.

  16. OH! my gosh! Panama, and look at all the wildlife! the whales and dolphins are incredible. What a thrill for you and your son. You are such and interesting person Marianne, and i too am so glad to have the pleasure of knowing you.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with me, and thank you so much for the sweet and kind words to me.

    xoxo lori


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