Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#17)

Yesterday Marja came to pick me up for a surprise lunch. But first I had a surprise for her. Champagne and a birthday gift: a birth mandala. We have been friends for about 44 years. I am so thankful that we renewed our contact 9 years ago. Now we are closer than ever before. Marja took me for lunch to restaurant "Het Katseveer", which was very elegant! And the food was delicious! Thanks Marja for being my friend and for this wonderful afternoon!
The making of..................... I have problems uploading pictures at the moment............ Is it my computer or blogger? I also wanted to show you my gifts from Lynn and Soulbrush, but I will save those for next week! Hope you have lots of things to be thankful for!


  1. Such a beautiful friendship. I'm glad you reconnected.

    I heard someone say they could not upload yesterday, maybe it is the same problem.

  2. I had trouble with Blogger too yesterday! It wouldn't accept any of my images which is why I ended up posting animal wednesday so late.

    How wonderful to have had a friend so long! You must share your innermost secrets ;)
    You're both beautiful btw.
    And that mandala...WOW oh WOW!!!
    I'm going to comment by email so I can enlarge it.

    Just beautiful M. And happy belated birthday to Marja!!


  3. Oh, what a wonderful friendship! I LOVED watching the making of a awesome!!!

  4. Wonderful slide mandala in the making slide show...How simply fascinating and delicate!!! :)

  5. Yes I'm very thankful for all my blessings,but most of all with a Friend like you Marianne.
    And for The most beautiful Mandala when I look at it it makes me very happy and warm.
    XXXXXXXX Marja

  6. Yes, friendships are so dear. I am happy for you with your returning friend here. Sweet the exchange of gifts between the two of you.

    What a beauty watching the mandala grow! Like a flower blooming!

  7. how lovely to have a friend for so many years. She is lovely and your mandala for her matches her loveliness.

  8. jy lyk altwee so gelukkig en vriendelik in hierdie fotos. dit is wonderlik om haar in jou lewe te


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