Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#17)

This came in the mail yesterday!
Lovely pop up card with the art work of Teri!
P= for Peas, which is so delicate and beautiful!
and some extra's; a lovely twinchie and an adodorable Paisley Puddly Cat!
I have been drooling over this one and I am so happy that is is mine!
Teri knows I love cats!
And the outstanding work of Soul!
This is The Q for Queen
In England they have Kings and Queens,
like here in Medieval Holland!

And last but certainly not least............

Lovely cards and a fabric ATC from our dear Lynn: Queen of the Quilts and Wizard of the Sewing Machine!

Thank you all so much!

Mail has never been this much fun since I started blogging.

Every once in a while some gems fall on my doormat!

Hope you have lots of things to be thankful for!


  1. I'm happy everything got there okay and he kitty is already loved. I hope she gets along okay with Sjimmie.

    Soul and Lynn are certainly leaving their mark on the world arn't they!

    I agree, mail has never been so much fun.

  2. what a lotta fun we are all having here in bloggyland, each one with their own type of art. yahoooo for snail mail!

  3. Mijn Mandala wordt elke dag mooier,ben er zo dankbaar(thankful)voor.
    Zo kom ik de donkere winter wel door met zo'n zonnetje aan de muur.
    Geniet nog even van het lekkere weer voor je naar Bonaire gaat ;-))

  4. Wonderful things Marianne!
    Afetr I did my post today I collected my mail and now I have things to post for next week.
    Wow...blogging is a new world!
    (and I'm glad you're in it.)


  5. Oh yes Marianne, I agree that receiving mail has never been more fun. You have some lovely treasures here.

  6. Gorgeous goodies!!!!! Yee-haw!!!
    Happy Friday to you, Marianne!!!

  7. I do love seeing all the art we spread across the world. It's amazing really what we do and share. Glad mine made it to you Teri's peas and Souls Royality.


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