Monday, March 7, 2011


A mandala I made for Dex.
He was born last month on the 7th .

In his mandala I used a frog as a totem animal for him.

A quick-list for animal symbolism of the frog includes Luck-Purity-Rebirth-Renewal-Fertility-Healing-Metamorphosis-Transitions-Dreaming-Opportunity and Intermediary

In many cultures the primary symbolic meaning of frogs deals with fertility. This is largely because these cultures observed Frogs laying enormous quantities of eggs, therefore making it a fertility symbol as well as a symbol of abundance.

Around me a lot of babies are born. Lovely but I sure hope it is not contagious ;)

To me the frog is also related to joy and spring. No  frogs here to be seen yet. It is cold but the sun is shining today and somehow it can't be long before spring will be here.

Have been off line yesterday. Luckily it was only the adapter of the router which was broken. We still had the adapter from our previous router so problem was fixed this morning.
Gee not even 24 hours without internet and I feel challenged already........

Have a nice week!


  1. Love this one Marianne, the colours are really vibrant.

  2. Goodmorning...what a lovely sunny morning again,we had every day sunshine this weekend.
    Walked a lot ate a lot ,a little wine what do you want more.....
    Hows your tooth?
    have a nice day,see You soon wine is on ice ;))

  3. I hate it when I lose Internet - I'm so addicted.

    Lucky Dax to have this beauty

  4. Such a wonderful, brightly colored happy mandala! Lucky baby :)

    I'm glad you are back on the internet. I don't know what I'd do!! Maybe clean the house, hahahaha!

    I hope your tooth feels better.


  5. Hee-Hee, yes I have felt the same way about being around friends who are on a baby boom. :)
    Love the piece and enjoyed reading about this totem animal. Always find that fascinating.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful mandala! I love frogs, very nice choice. Glad you have your internet back, it does suck when you don't have it. xoxo

  7. Oh, how cute - I love frogs! What a nice gift!

  8. oh wow!!! I am loving the colours in this piece Marianne!!! wow!!! wonderful work!!!

  9. This is just beautiful and fun!!

  10. Beautiful! I love the frogs! and i'm very glad you got the problem sorted. So funny how we have a hard time without it. I'm the same.

  11. count me in with my addiction to the internet and to my friends here. both are an important part of my day. (okay, partS, i'm on and off all day)

    your mandalas are so special, marianne. i think they should be the flags for all the countries in the world


  12. Hello - It's very nice to find and visit your blog. Beautiful.
    (Thanks for saying hello)

  13. This looks similar to the other frog mandala. I think I like this one even better. I really like the love mandala from the previous post. You never seem to run out of things to put into circles. Amazing.
    I feel so disconnected when my computer is down. I never realize how much I use it until I don't have it.

  14. Really beautiful - the colours pop!!


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