Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thumbs up by Sjimmie / Animal Wednesday

Hey is it me or another imposter?!

Here is a message from the real Sjimmie:

Don't believe everything my Mom writes on this blog!
Sure I am a real killer. Proof  is on our lawn. Grey feathers of what was once a birdie and my Mom cleaned up some remains yesterday in our hall.......another victim.
Sorry I couldn't help it.
But two weeks ago she posted a video of a cat wearing a rabbit hat.
Well first of all I like Emily, she is my Mom's best friend. Thought I was....... but I would never accuse her of something I did. Besides I am way too proud of my little naughty escapades.
And I sure hope no one really thought I would be so stupid to put on a hat voluntarily. I think no real cat would do such a stupid thing. You know what I think? I think they put it on on that poor guy. Any normal reaction would be to take it of , all cats would do that! I think they just played the video backwards.
Well I bet none of you thought about that!
Well you are forgiven, you have to be a cat to think of that.
As for the thumbs up.......................that's Jimmy , my name is Sjimmie. Be careful with what my Mom wants you to believe in the future . Better listen to me.........
I might be a chicken murderer, that is what my mom calls me, but at least I am an honest one.

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Sjimmie is adorable...I love his "thumbs up" - what a handsome and talented cat you have :-)

  2. This video is hysterical. I love the thumbs up and your laugh is infectious.

  3. oh what a sweet sweet little cat!!!! loved this video too!!!

  4. haha! I know that is Jimmy and not Sjimmie, and I know for sure that isn't your laugh ;)

    But I do know that's Sjimmie on the wall, the chicken murderer. Well, like he says, at least he's honest!

    And that makes so much sense about the hat. Of course they played the video backwards!!!

    I hope you did well on your exam today. Another 100%, I'm sure of it ;)


  5. aaaaaah-hahahah

    No, that's not Sjimmie - (although his eyes are the right shade of green)...

    Our beloved "P.o.D" KNOW that NO ANGEL... but, he is adorable....and he knows it.

    This video IS funny tho - Jimmie is a hoot!

    But, there's really only ONE Sjimmie!

    (You can't fool your Zusters!)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. P.S. the second photo is the REAL Sjimster! Ha-ha!

    Kiss him for me!

    ♥ Tante Robin ♥

  7. ((giggles))
    great post, and hard to be upset at a cat as cute as yours. maybe he just needs to be a bit more sly in hiding the evidence?

  8. Big smiles over here. Jimmy and Sjimmie seem to be twins but I know Sjimmie is the best!! So I will believe everything he says.


  9. HMMMPPPF! what is being said about me? i hope no one is jealous because i am you know who's best friend. and as for lying, i can give lessons anytime for a very small price and i guarantee you will not get caught.

    emily rabbit

  10. But look at those awesome PAWS!!

    hAW to Jimmy and Sjimmie

  11. Oh dear watch out little birdies!! What a talented typing cat you have Marianne!

  12. Ha ha!! What a clever idea to play it backwards!!x

  13. what a tease. love the thumbs up and actually one thumb down shot.

    Sjimmie, you chicken murderer. Tut Tut. But you still are a doll. Isnt that always the way. The handsome guys win your heart despite their bad habits.

  14. Well, I did wonder, what kind of cat would put a hat on! And I did not think that was Sjimmy in this video, but it was still a cute cat.

  15. Well, I just never thought about them playing the video backwards! How clever of you, Sjimmie, to figure that out. I surely thought it was you, up to more entertaining antics. In any case, I do forgive you for the kill of the hunt. You are just doing what comes naturally.
    Have a great weekend.


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