Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Animal Wednesday / spring...............

Another Spring mandala in the egg series I did for school.
The temperature is rising but also the chance of rain showers................
Too bad. 
I just came home and looked forward to some more spring but I guess I have to have some more patience........
I know some of you are still having cold weather as well so we are all in this together.
Can't be long though.......................
I bet somewhere on this globe some blog friend is enjoying lovely spring weather ☺

Happy Animal Wednesday! 


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  2. Your spring mandala gives us all hope for warmer weather. It does look like spring here but when the ice pellets start hitting my window I forget that there are a few things blooming and spring is trying its best to perform. HAW I like the little birdy in the middle too.

  3. I love how the jonquils sparkle!!
    They're sparkling here too...because of snow!
    More snow on Fri and Sat :(

    it won't stay though. Soon it will stay warm!

    HAW! I'll email soon.


  4. Lovely, lovely! It is Spring! At least within your Mandala and of course within your ♥! STOPPED raining in SF and the sun came out and stayed!
    A lovely sunrise today.... I am hopeful for a few days of warmth and semi-Spring-like weather!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. spring IS coming. It must! I can't live like this forever....your spring mandala is very cute!

  6. Did you see the news,saturday it will be Summer with those temperatures.
    We only had a few drops today,just when mr.B and I came home after a 1 hour walk in the beautiful wood with blossom ;))
    Welcome home,

  7. I am up in prince Edward island and it's cold and still snowy. Happy animal Wednesday anyway and what a beautiful mandala

  8. Oh what a wonderful way to shout 'SPRING'!!! Love the opened egg and the daffs. Beautiful.

  9. This is lovely. I love the daffodils.

  10. oops.. that last comment came from me. I was on another server.

  11. beautiful! i hope spring reaches you soon!

  12. it's an easter egg! xo

    marianne, i like to think that you and i will be gardening at the same time and in the same spring.

    do you have crocuses and are they up?


  13. Oh, I love your little yellow chick. It is very cheery and springlike. Here, it is cold and the wind is blowing. But my daffodils have bloomed, and I know the tulips are just around the corner. :) Happy weekend, Marianne! xo Pam

  14. This is so pretty! So springlike too.

    I love how your black kitty pops up, so cool.

    Happy Sunday, G

  15. This tugs at my heartstrings...absolutely as springy and sweet as can be! Hugs! ♥xo :)


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