Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let the sun shine........

Let the Sun Shine!!!!!!
Here we have had some real sunny days.
 I spent a day at the beach with Beaudor.I have worked in the garden . Played tennis outside.
Unfortunately I had to spent a day at work today. Drove 300 kilometers to spend a gorgeous day in a classroom:(,  but tomorrow I will be working in the garden again.
Spring is really here!!!!!!
Hope the sun is shining  where you are or will do so soon!



  1. I love all of your sunny pictures Marianne. They are the only sunshine I have seen today. A cold front has brought winter back to us for quite a while according to the weather man. Enjoy your sun while you can.

  2. How wonderful, i love this sunshiny post, i can feel your joy!

    the sun has just peeked out here, but i know it's just for a moment, we've had days of rain and clouds and theres more to come. it's sure going to be pretty out when the rain passes though! (i'm kind of liking it, except i can't see the birds)

    have fun in your garden marianne!

  3. Your sunny day collage is wonderful.
    So nice to know you can fully enjoy it.

    Happy Spring to you.

  4. What an array of beautiful art in sunshine mode!

    No, not yetm not today; here it is pouring cats and dogs...washing our part of the world getting ready for spring.

  5. Sonne? Sonne? Was ist Sonne? Ich habe ganz vergesesen... Es freut Mich DU hast Sonne!!! Bitte, schickts Du ein bischen zu Mir, ok?

    Liebe Grusse...

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. How nice for you!!! We've had a little sun and it's nice, but I'm ready for much, much more!

  7. What a weather we have had,we enjoyed every minute....
    The doors are here,today my table is coming,wednesday the carpet so it will be over soon.
    Have a nice time in Miami,

  8. the only sun I'm seeing is in your sweet paintings. but glad you are enjoying the sun's warmth, at least someone is. boo hoo poor me. it is only 27 degrees here. enjoy the sun whilst you can.

  9. We are still having rain and possibly snow this week, but spring is nearby. Love your photo collage. Have fun digging in the yard.

  10. haha, it snowed here yesterday!! I couldn't believe it, but then by afternoon it was gone. The sun is shining with blue skies today but it's very cold again! Still, let the sun shine!

    How do you post the treasury?? I've tried but I can only get the link to the url :(

    it looks great here!

    When are you going to Miami?


  11. Beautiful suns! It is sunny here, but we cannot plant anything until
    the end of May, too cold.
    Thank you for your prayers for Spike. xoxo

  12. What a happy warm post...Your sun collage is wonderful...Sending you some extra rays from here in the desert...:) ♥ xo

  13. We have sun but cold weather. No gardening yet but soon!

  14. Love coming over to visit you - it's always sunny on your blog! Sorry I haven't been for a while - been a bit busy with my daughter! Super treasury Marianne!


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